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Betfurian's Glossary - Check the Word!

Every nation on the planet has a native language. You must admit that it is impossible to imagine a modern society without language! Betfurians are no exception! Within these two years, the BetFury community has developed its own language, with terms and concepts. Let’s speak the same language with Betfurian's Glossary!

🔸 APR - annual percentage rate, the rate of profit that you receive for Farming BFG tokens. Farm BFG - get rich yield according to the APR!

🔸 APY -  annual percentage yield, the actual rate of return that will be earned in one year for Staking on BetFury. The difference between APY and APR is that APY takes into account compound interest, while APR does not.

🔸 Battle - is the fighting between Betfurians for the generous Prize Pools in Slots and In-house games. All you need to participate is to select the Battle with your favorite games. Fight, and you can receive rewards of different values. Forward to the victory, warrior! 

🔸 Bet - everyone who is acquainted with gambling knows the meaning of this word - the funds invested into the game by the player. But only a favored few know that the word "bet" comes from "BetFury". Don't believe that? Check it out for yourself!

🔸 BetFury - Leading Crypto Casino. Also known as the wonderland where all dreams come true! You can become a millionaire, successful player, miner, warrior, the legend only with BetFury. The choice is yours!

🔸 Betfurian  - a skilled player and crypto expert who journeys to new adventures in the BetFury wonderland. 
Various challenges and many riches await every Betfurian in this huge game world! Brave Betfurian can do anything!

🔸 BFG - is the internal token of the BetFury platform launched on BSC.  It’s much like the diamonds or wealth that fill the treasure's chest. Why? It's amazing: to get a BFG you must play! BFG mining is not a routine, it's unlimited fun and a lot of entertainment.
So, if you have some BFG, you can do everything! Play, Stake, Mine, Farm, Exchange! 

🔸 Book Slots - there are legends among the Betfurians about mysterious books hidden in the depths of Slots. Most believe that these books carry dark knowledge, others say that these books are like Robin Hood: “rob the rich and give money to the poor”. 
No matter how scary these legends may sound, all these games are so exciting, and they captivate every player.

🔸 Boosted Odds - increased bets in sports matches, which means that if the bet is successful, the profit will be greater.

🔸 Burning of BFG - a huge flame, which BetFury makes at the beginning of each month. Burnings increase the value of BFG, and support constant growth of staking payouts for the token holders. This is the only fire that you don't need to put out.

🔸 Buy feature - a feature in Slots which allows purchasing entry into free spins and bonus rounds avoiding the long wait. Save time and get to play the bonus round straight away.

🔸 Cashback -  is returning some funds to the player. Everyone loves sweets, both adults and children! All Betfurians know that cashback is kind of sweet! Play and get cashback despite the bet result! Such sweets will not spoil the Betfurian's figure! 

🔸 Cashout - an opportunity to withdraw your bet, before the results are announced. The amount of the refund will depend on the current match result at the time of withdrawal.

🔸 Daily Task - it's a kind of homework. Be persistent, and you will easily cope with all daily tasks. Get rewarded for your achievements!