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VIP Club - community of winners

VIP Club on BetFury unites all active and passionate users from Rank 10. It will bring you to the world's top in all senses. Join VIP Club to get the biggest rewards, and the highest payments and enjoy special offers. Are you ready to dive into the world of pleasure and richness?

Who is a VIP?

VIP users are the most energetic gamers, keen to know nearly everything about the BetFury platform. Mega wins and insane rewards go to VIPs' hands easily while wagering with the power of lightning! Moreover, these true Betfurians are big fans of chatting and creating a motivating atmosphere. Therefore, let's look at what Bonuses and other perks will be available to the elite of our platform.

Special Bonuses

🧁  VIP Bounty Bonus
Indulge in the delicious Bounty Bonus, a special reward for our VIP members. You’ll be delighted with this unique gift three times a week.

🎁  Personal VIP Bonuses
Unlock special bonuses curated by our VIP managers on top of the regular rewards.

🏈  High Roller's Sports Bonus
Are you a sports enthusiast? Then, enjoy an exclusive bonus tailor-made for sports lovers.

🎰  Free Spins and Deposit Bonus
Maximize your winning potential with exciting bonuses on your favorite games.

🎟  Promo Codes
Discover exclusive promo codes in our VIP Notices Channel to redeem free BFG tokens.

Cashback up to 25%

You can return some lost coins as soon as you use the platform. But the higher Rank you have, the bigger Cashback you can get. Cashback amount = (you deposited lost coins in one game period) * cashback %. VIP members can receive up to 25% during one period. 

Rakeback up to 10%

VIP members feel the win in every bet with a Rakeback Bonus on BetFury. This unique feature allows you to get money back for every bet you place in all In-house games and Slots. The higher Rank you have, the larger the tokens 
you’ll get. VIP users withdraw from 5% of Rakeback every 20 minutes.

FuryCharge up to 2x

BetFury FuryCharge battery charges with insane Waging energy and overfills with crypto Bonuses. Playing and increasing your wager, you accumulate an extremely big Bonus in 5 different currencies and can withdraw it anytime. VIPs enjoy up to 2x FuryCharge.

Additional Benefits

Discover a whole new level of VIP treatment on BetFury. With a Withdrawal Priority feature, say goodbye to waiting times as your withdrawals are processed almost instantly. Experience the thrill of high payouts with increased Max Bet limits and sky-high max payouts exclusively for our VIP users.

Stay ahead of the game with exclusive Pre-releases, allowing you to enjoy brand-new games before they are available to other players.

Personal VIP Manager 

We understand the importance of having a personal VIP Manager by your side. They will be your helping hand in any situation. Whether you have a question about our platform, need assistance with a game, or want to chat about life, your pet, or your travels, our VIP Managers are here for you. They provide personalized assistance, offering first-hand insights into new features, games, and events. Consider them your trusted friend, ready to support you and make your BetFury experience even more enjoyable.

Ann, AmyCindy, and Sofia are super communicative and professional VIP managers. They are always ready to help VIPs to deal with their questions. 

How to Join the VIP Club?

Going up the Rank system, you’ll reach the top of the benefits mountain. 
As you understand, the higher your Rank, the bigger your profit from each Bonus. Increasing your Rank on BetFury is like a joyful road to success. So start your gaming adventure to dive into the luxury life! 

You can become a VIP member from Rank 10. Besides, there’s another way: being a super-active gamer. Our team gives you an invitation to join Rank 10 faster! What should you do?

Register, roll high, and receive exclusive bonuses! Get 100 no deposit Free Spins right after the registration and increase your rank to get more.

I've Become VIP: What Should I Do?

Congratulations if you have managed to climb the ladder of the Rank system so high. You now have access to all of the above Bonuses and Perks. To get your first rewards and learn more about the VIP Club and future plans, you should find out who will become your VIP Manager. To do this, write to BetFury Support - you will immediately be given the name of a new reliable friend and assistant. Then only forward to new achievements!

Keep in Touch to be with VIPs

The whole set of best Bonuses can be yours for sure. VIP members’ life is full of rewards and mega wins, which excite and inspire the BetFury world! Join our VIP Telegram Channel to be in touch with fresh news. In addition, see behind the curtain and read individual interviews with our VIP users User162775  and D3ANTRON. Learn all the secrets of such extreme success to motivate yourself!

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