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BetFury takes up the NFT movement on Biswap

BetFury has long been a supporter of the global NFT movement and we’ve even released our tokens with the raccoon Fury for “NFT Slots Fights” and the “Olympic games” event. Read more about what an NFT is here.
Now BetFury can’t stop it - we want more! That's why we’re joining an incredible project “NFT Marketplace & NFT Earn” from our partner - Biswap Dex.  

5 MLN BFG are included in NFT Staking Pool
Stake NFT - earn BFG

We’re excited to become a part of the big NFT move on Biswap. BetFury allocates 5 MILLION BFG for Biswap NFT Staking pool for 90 days. This means, that during 3 months all NFT holders can receive the staking payouts in BFG, BSW, BNB, USDT.  55 555 BFG will be distributed daily for NFT holders from the Staking pool.
Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Let’s figure it all out step by step!

What are Biswap Robbies NFTs?

Biswap’s Robbies is a unique NFT  token with the main character Robi. Each NFT pack is called Robbies Earn Collection, where every NFT has exclusive characteristics and design. These NFTs are created of some special elements which are randomly generated. There are 6 Levels of NFTs, which differ in design, opportunities, and price.