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Top 10 mistakes casino gamblers make

The casino is not only entertainment. For some, it’s a job or a way to unwind, for some it’s a sport or even science. People who play responsibly are less likely to lose because they don't make commonplace mistakes. This is what distinguishes a beginner from a professional, a player who bets a few hundred bucks for the first time from a rich crypto owner. We want every Betfurian to improve their skills. Therefore, let’s find out the most common mistakes with vivid examples that gamblers make!

#1 Loss-chasing

The user opens the slot tab. An hour passes, and after a series of defeats, the desire to win is read in his eyes. He guarantees victory with all his appearance, but over and over again, as a result, he does not receive the desired jackpot. After some more time, he gives up and stops playing, although he has great potential. 

It's called Chasing Losses - a gaming classic that sneaks into a person's brain and forces him to make rash decisions and literally chase failures. 

This mistake is the decision that after a series of failures, big wins will follow, after a black line, a white one will come. But you need to know, the mathematical probability won't be changed with your actions.

#2 Believing in the hot-hand fallacy

The user places a bet on BetFury Sports. He is confident that a certain basketball player who made the most three-pointers in the last 2 games will turn the score around in the next game due to this skill. 

This user considered only a small part of the data and would never have made an accurate forecast.

Often gamers who see a certain success before their eyes, project it into the future and assure themselves that this will be repeated all the time. 
It is not always so. You should firstly analyze whether certain facts you are betting on are true.

#3 Playing the wrong games