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What is volatility in slots?

Gambling is all about risk, luck and a little bit of strategy. Each slot that takes us to the rich world of casino entertainment has its own features and gambling pattern. The more information you know about this, the bigger is the chance you will receive profit from it. Therefore, we analyzed the concept of volatility. These details will help you understand what style of play suits you and which slots are close to you in spirit!

What does volatility mean in slots?

Slots volatility measures the risk level of your bets. In other terms, it shows big or small prizes are you most likely to win and how often or rare you can expect them. Basically, there are three levels of slots volatility: low, medium and high
Here we'll analyze each of them.

Low volatility slots

Low volatility slot machines give you quite small jackpots, but winning chances stay extremely high. Games of this type become more appealing because of their stable payouts and the fact that you won’t feel worried and nervous while playing. There are many other benefits of low volatility online slots, for example: easier bankroll management, longer play time and smaller loss.

Medium volatility slots

Slots with medium volatility is a golden mean between slots of various volatility. Perhaps, these games are more complex in their functionality but they have many cool bonus features. It’s an amazing choice for those who want to take a little risk and chase almost constant nice jackpot wins.

High volatility slots

Are you dreaming of becoming a crypto millionaire one day? High volatility online slots - that is the answer! They have extremely rare jackpots, but once they drop, you can expect a rain of cryptocurrencies. Basically, you just need enough time and patience to chase the prize. However, playing them you are able to win with the thousandth multiplayer!

How to determine and use volatility

  • Payout size
    The good way to have an idea of your favorite slots volatility is to look at their paytables. If high prizes are listed, that's a sign that the slot has medium or high volatility, because such prizes won’t drop frequently.
  • Free-to-play
    To determine slots volatility, it's recommended to use play-for-free features before risking real crypto. You study how the slot machine works and after that get a profit, because knowledge is power!
  • Slots functionality
    Cascading reels give you an opportunity to get more payouts in a single round. Some slots can evoke amazing bonuses like free spins, pick’em rounds, re-spins, and second-screen rounds. Besides, a number of slots winning ways can rise to several millions. All these different features increase volatility of slots.

Slots volatility on BetFury

In addition, it is important to play on platforms that have a big variety of slots with different volatility indexes. A large selection means you are more likely to find the perfect slot for your special playing style! BetFury is a top crypto casino with excellent features and a huge number of games from top providers. Therefore, we offer you over 5 500 slots with various volatility indexes. They will meet you on your way to becoming a wealthy cryptocurrency owner. Besides, we've prepared a list of popular BetFury Slots with different volatility indexes:

Best low volatility slots: