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Free-to-Play: play with FunFury - get real crypto

Welcome, you’re free to play on BetFury! Free-to-Play is a well-known feature in the world of gambling, which allows playing for free without real currency. BetFury always sets new trends in the gaming crypto world. Free crypto is not a novelty on the platform. All players can get free BTC, BNB, and BFG from the Free Boxes every 60 min. Our Mr. Fury also gifts free BFG tokens for attentive players just for catching him.
Now we’re expanding the range of possibilities with the Free-to-Play feature on the platform. Start your gaming adventure with FunFury tokens and win real crypto.

Meet the new FunFury token

This is the free platform token, which can be obtained in Fury Wheel and Free Box. It is available for all Rank 1 Betfurians. As soon as you get FunFury tokens you can use it for placing bets in the In-house games. Play with pleasure and take part in the daily FunFury competitions to get real crypto! 

  • FunFury tokens can be obtained only by Rank 1 players.
  • FunFury can be used only for playing In-house games.
  • Min bet - 10 FunFury
  • You can see your FunFury bets in the “All bets” and “My bets” sections.
  • FunFury bets do not participate in Mining, Staking, total wager, Cashback, and Rakeback accrual, as well as Referral bonuses.

Spin the Fury Wheel 
get FunFury tokens and up to 1 BTC

Spin the funniest Fury Wheel on BetFury. Get FunFury tokens or real crypto just for free. The Wheel is allowed for users from Rank 1 permanently. You can spin it 2 times a day and the reward will be sent to your balance immediately. 

Special Fury Wheel 
with real crypto only

Raise your Rank to receive more free crypto! Users from Rank 2 to Rank 16 are allowed to spin the Wheel and win real crypto: BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, TRX, BFG, BSW and more. Try your luck twice a day! 


FunFury Free Box 
Get free tokens every 60 min

Free FunFury Box is filled fully with the new free tokens. All Rank 1 players can grab free FunFury tokens. Be ready to open the box every 60 minutes. Get up to 7 200 tokens daily. Set your alarm for the big profit. 


FunFury Competition
Share $150 in USDT and BFG daily

No limit for fun! Join the competition and win real crypto. Play In-house games with FunFury tokens. Move up on the leaderboard, increasing your profit and reward. Top 300 winners will share the prize pool of $150!
⏰ 2 Competitions start at 4:00 and 16:00 UTC every day and lasts for 12 hours each.

  • FunFury Competition is available only for Rank 1 users
  • 300 top players share the prize pool of $150 in USDT and BFG
  • Winners are chosen due to the profit (benefit gained from winnings) made while playing In-house games
  • The max bet is 1 000 FunFury
  • The higher positions on the leaderboard – the bigger reward winners get
  • At the end of each battle, the FunFury balance is reset to zero for all users
  • If during the competition a player gains the 2nd or higher Rank and still has FunFury tokens, he can continue taking part until the start of the new competition, but further competitions will not be available
  • After the daily balance reset, Fury Spin and Free Box are accessible again to earn new tokens
  • Participation is limited: FunFury Competition is no longer available for users who get in the top 300 more than 7 times
  • Players can track recent winnings on the Leaderboard

❗️Note: BetFury reserves the right to void winnings of users with multiple accounts. Once multi-accounting abuse is detected, a player is excluded from FunFury Competition, and the previously won amount is automatically seized from the game balance. 

Here are answers for the most frequently asked questions from Betfurians

❓Does the FunFury token have value?

You can't withdraw, sell or exchange FunFury tokens. Collect and use free FunFury tokens for fun playing your favorite In-house games. Join Daily FunFury Competitions and share $150 in USDT and BFG.

❓Why did my FunFury tokens disappear?

Every day at 16:00 UTC the balance of the FunFury token is reset to zero. Since the FunFury Competitions are daily, FunFury tokens are available only until a new competition starts.

❓What is the main purpose of FunFury tokens?

FunFury tokens allow our newcomers and first rank users to plunge into the atmosphere on BetFury while playing In-house games.

Get FunFury tokens from Free Box every 60 minutes and Fury Wheel 2 times a day to play it and win real crypto in Daily FunFury Competitions.