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Tricky Mr. Fury - Catch me & get BFG

Hello Betfurian! I’m so glad to have at last a chance to get acquainted with you better! Though you already know me well as the creator of BetFury - Leading Social iGaming Crypto platform, but still my life is full of adventures, and it is time to tell you about them in all colors! From now on, I'm going to visit the platform permanently and reward the most attentive users. So stay tuned to know how to meet me and get your bonus!

I’ve made a thorny way to make a platform with various marvelous features and tones of incredible games for you. Everybody who plays with me gets BFG tokens, half of the platform's profit, and a huge Cashback and Rakeback on top of that! I’ve become an experienced gamer, a true crypto specialist, and a big friend of all Betfurians. Hope, you’re also in my team! Do you want to know how I have reached such success? 

Watch this little movie about my fascinating life:

As you can see, I have been traveling a lot, visiting inspiring places, and have done my best to become a strong and brave Racсoon. Watch how I have upgraded for my second anniversary! Though, some things stay the same, as I’m still obsessed with gaming, sushi, and hugs!  

Catch me and get a BFG bonus! 

Now I’m a very busy guy with an army of Betfurians to share tons of BFG with. So I will appear on your screen like a flash! The more you play on BetFury, the higher reward you’ll get when you catch me. So visit BetFury more often to catch me for sure and be ready to get your reward for attentiveness! 
All you need to get your bonus is to catch me, fast Raccoon Mr. Fury, on your screen, as soon as I appear. Now I will arise permanently on the platform for all users from Rank 2, but in accident periods. Tap on me and get your BFG Bonus immediately!

The BFG Bonus depends on your Rank. Let’s see the list of the amount you may get for catching me: