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BFG has become a Tradable Asset

The whole i-Gaming crypto community is raising glasses and exclaiming overwhelmed "hip hip hoorays"! The BetFury team is proud to announce the official Listing of the BFG token on Biswap. A colossal breakthrough has been made and BFG is becoming a liquid asset. You have asked us umpteen times – we tried our best to have done it for you!

Name: BFG Token
Ticker: BFG
Chain: BSC(BEP-20)
Wallets: Binance Smart Chain
Starting price: $0,07 
Smart Contract address:

Previously, the only solution for getting BFG was mining by placing bets in any currency available on BetFury. The more bets you place – the bigger amount of BFG you mine. Now, mining is not the only option to obtain BFG tokens. With the appearance on exchanges, everyone will be able to buy, sell and exchange it.

❗️Note: Due to the high load of BFG withdrawals and risk management, BFG withdrawals can take up to 24 hours and, in particular cases, prolong approximately to 3 days. We are doing our best to process all the transactions as fast as we can.

⚠️UPD: As of the 18th of June, the high load issue with BFG withdrawals on the BetFury platform has been successfully handled. Now, users can enjoy instant BFG withdrawals and take all the advantages of trading on Biswap. 
Please that the number of BFG withdrawal requests, for now, is limited to 5 requests daily maximum. The amount of BFG tokens that you can withdraw for one request is not restricted. 

BFG Listing on Biswap

The epochal partnership between BetFury and Biswap has become a significant step towards the official BFG listing. All the BetFurians got the opportunity to celebrate this game-changing collaboration and take the ultimate benefits of using the fast-growing decentralized exchange platform that became the first to apply a three-type referral system and the lowest transaction fees (0.1%). 

Biswap has treated BetFurians with a series of exciting events on BetFury for $350 000 in total – massive BWS Airdrop for each BFG holder, BSW Spin, Twitter Giveaway, Biswap Boost Box, Weekly Wager Battle, and Daily Profit Battles

Being listed on Biswap, the BFG token extends the set of usage opportunities and empowers its investment and trading capabilities. Users can take all the advantages of buying, selling, or exchanging BFG into other cryptos. 

Key points of BFG usage after listing  

  • Users are able to place bids in BFG playing In-House games with a minimal bet of 0,00000001 BFG.
  • Auction will be available for users to make bets in BFG tokens and grab a BTC prize from the Auction pool.
  • All tokens mined before listing on exchanges are available for trading.
  • New mined tokens will be locked for withdrawals for 6 months. Users will be able to get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tokens are unlocked.
  • BFG tokens purchased on the exchange can be deposited on the BetFury platform and staked immediately to receive daily payouts from the Staking pool. Also, users are able to withdraw these BFG tokens and sell them at any time.

How to exchange BFG tokens on Biswap

Being listed on Biswap, exchanging BFG is getting easier than ever. You need to follow a few simple steps to become a lucky BFG owner or exchange your BFG tokens into other cryptos. 

  • Login to your Biswap account by connecting the available wallet – MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, or Trust Wallet.
  • Click on Exchange on the taskbar and select Swap.
  • Press the "Unlock Wallet" button to start swapping.
  • Choose a trading pair for committing BFG exchange and the amount you want to trade.

Use all opportunities of Biswap

Once you have joined Biswap, you can start reaping the ultimate benefits of all the BFG capabilities on the exchange. 

  • Now all users can buy, sell, exchange BFG into any other cryptocurrency available on Biswap and get up to 100% of the trading fee returned in BSW tokens.
  • Everyone is able to add BFG to the BFG/BSW Liquidity Pool and receive LP tokens to stake them in a farm. Becoming a liquidity provider enables you to earn high yields from transaction fees.
  • Biswap Farms allow getting double rewards by staking your LP tokens in return for additional BSW tokens and earning high income from swap transactions.

BFG Trading Competition on Biswap
$30 000 Prize Pool

Activity Period: 7 days
Biswap announces the competition for real BFG fans!
Buy, sell, exchange BFG, and don't miss the chance to get valuable rewards.

The competition consists of 2 parts:
1)500 lucky BetFurians who made the most of BFG trades will share the prize pool of $28 000. 
2) 20 lucky winners from the leaderboard will share the prize pool of $2 000.
Users who take certain lucky places according to the results of the competition will receive the additional reward of $100.

Get more info, track the beginning and results of the BFG Trading Competition on the official BetFury and Biswap channels.

BFG Listing YouTube Overview
$2 000 Prize Pool

🔺Make a Video about how you take advantage of new opportunities of exchanging BFG on Biswap
🔺Upload your video to YouTube
🔺Use #bfg_listing in the name of your video
🔺Reach min 500 views 
🔺Put your referral link and your BetFury account username in the video description
Note! If the referral link is not inserted, shorten it via Bitly.

The best overviews will be rewarded:
🥇1 - $700
🥈2 - $500
🥉3 - $400
🏅4 - $200
🏅5 - $200

Shoot your overviews till the end of June. 
Start right now and get your prize!