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BetFury & Biswap Hot Partnership Celebration for $350 000

We are almost at the goal! A decisive step for the future BFG token listing is made! BetFury enters into a partnership with the DEX platform Biswap to embody the dream of the tradable BFG. 
Hope you’ve already stocked up on tokens during the BFG listing party because now is the time to stock up on the new currency - BSW! Join the partnership celebration and collect crypto in the special Box, Wheel, Battles, and Twitter Giveaway. Moreover, all BFG holders participate in the BSW Airdrop!

Why Biswap?

Biswap is a decentralized exchange platform, launched on May, 24,  became the first to apply a three-type referral system and the lowest transaction fees. Biswap is designed for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. This network guarantees superior speed and low network transaction fees (0.1%). Users can experience a wide range of cool opportunities, which you can start experiencing right now: Farms with high APRs, Profitable yields, easy crypto earning in Launchpools, BSW tokens, and huge referral Bonuses. 

The total value of crypto locked on Biswap has reached over $70 000 000 for now. 2.5 million users have already registered their accounts and can take all the advantages of using this first-in-class exchange platform. Join them right away! 
Follow Biswap on Telegram, Twitter, and Medium to catch fresh updates of the fast-growing DEX platform.

We believe that each Betfurian will find a huge benefit from this collaboration and our family will be replenished with even more players. So let's start celebrating with mega prizes from our partner Biswap!

200 000 BSW Airdrop

All the BFG holders can take the advantage of the extensive BSW Airdrop. 200 000 BSW tokens will be distributed in accordance with the quantity of BFG being held. The more BFG you hold – the more BSW you get.

1-10 BFG - 0.5 BSW
10-100 BFG – 1 BSW
100-1000 BFG – 5 BSW
1000+ BFG – 10 BSW