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Top 7 Slots Myths Debunked

In a world of Slot machines, the truth is often overshadowed by myths and misconceptions. So it's time to return to Fury the MythBuster, with whom we once successfully debunked Top Crypto Myths. Let's check out 7 common false facts about Slots to leave only the truth for you!

Myth #1. Slots have patterns for wins & losses

Contrary to popular belief, Slot machines work according to some patterns. For example, a huge victory goes after 10 losses, etc. Fury says that each spin is independent and generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). It ensures that every outcome is completely random! It makes no sense to try hacking the Slot or writing out all combinations and patterns because they don’t exist.

Myth #2. MAX bets improve the winning chances

Pressing the MAX button does not increase your chances of winning. It simply adjusts the size of the bet to the maximum allowed. The game's random number generator determines winning outcomes, so your bet size does not affect the outcome. Thus, placing high bets is more exciting, riskier, and profitable.

Myth #3. Using a strategy guarantees wins

Slots are gambling, and no strategy can guarantee consistent winnings. But the usefulness of gambling techniques cannot be dismissed. They help you properly allocate resources, improve your playing skills and, most importantly, give you confidence and a positive attitude. Thus, strategies help you to make money correctly but don't guarantee victory.

Myth #4. After a big Jackpot, Slots pay less

The real world is a series of different events. Someone believes there is a white and lucky stripe after each black one. Does the hitting of the Jackpot affect the lower payouts of the Slot? The answer is no unless the randomness is random... Since we are dealing with a well-functioning computer program, the chances of winning a combination are the same before and after winning the Jackpot. Therefore, payouts after the Jackpot are not changed in any way.