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How to Win Lucky Numbers Games?

Do you believe in numerology? Regardless of the answer, you probably have your lucky number, which you constantly choose when playing casino games. Let’s check out those games where the choice of lucky numbers will lead you to victory!

A bit from the world of numbers

Numbers are the foundation of our Universe, from the Big Bang to now! Some numbers are considered to be special… 

For example, the number 7 appears in many Slots, because it symbolizes the Jackpot. The number 3 stands for the triangle of existence: past, present, and future, and the number 8 in China is the most fortunate because it's pronounced as "Fa" and is similar to the word "fortune". 

Anyway, even your intuition can help pick up a certain number that will bring luck to your side!

Lucky Numbers Games

Indeed, choosing the right numbers in most casino games is the key to victory. What entertainment directly depends on this choice? Games like Bingo, Keno, Lottery, and others come to mind. Let's look at each of them, and highlight the main strategies for winning!

🎱 Keno 

The origins of the game send us back to Ancient China. There is a legend that its creator used a poem with thousands of symbols as a basis for teaching children and came up with the idea of placing bets on certain values. Nowadays, Keno uses numbers, and the game itself has become a gambling classic of any online crypto casino.

To win Keno, you need to trust your intuition and place the optimal number of bets. For example, BetFury In-house Keno has 40 values, and the multiplier reaches x1000. Choosing one cell will rarely bring results, because, with a probability of 2.5%, you can knock out only x1.86. Therefore, you should bet on several cells to increase the chances and possible winnings.

Among the popular strategies are the Martingale (increasing the bet when losing and lowering when winning) and the "Catch-up" method (betting on the same numbers until they fall out). However, you can play online Keno and highlight your unique strategy.

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🎟 Bingo 

The progenitor of modern bingo is the game "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia", which was used to elect members of the Great Council of Genoa in the early XVI century. The rules are simple: you buy cards that are filled if they have the same values as the number of the drop-down random ball. Having received a combination, you win (When you win, you can yell "Bingo!"). To increase your chances, buy the optimal number of cards and wait for your lucky numbers.

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🔢 Lottery 

This is one of the most famous casino gambling games around the world. There is a myth that back in ancient Greece, warriors took turns pulling pebbles from a golden helmet, one of which gave the right to a duel with Zeus.

In the modern Lottery, you are given the choice of a set of numbers, after which a winning combination is randomly created. The more matches you have, the higher the win. Online Lotteries have the advantage of interesting features (bonus balls or scratch cards) that can improve your chances. Despite the lack of a specific strategy, many prefer to use the tactics of picking frequently drawn numbers or using the quick pick option.

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BetFury Special Games

Our platform has a separate Special Games tab with 400+ different Keno, Bingo, Lottery, Scratch Cards, and other games. This category is an alternative to classic casino games. If you are a regular Slot spinner or have become a pro at an online gaming table, you can brush up on your game and earn crypto by relying on lucky numbers.

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