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Hot Interview with BabySwap

On a warm spring day Fury went for a walk on a playground. There he met BABY from the BabySwap exchange and decided to take an interview with our dear friend. How many fantastic events we hold together, how many BGF and BABY tokens we exchanged! Fury realized that BABY had a lot to say about BabySwap and our partnership. So let’s find out what secrets BABY opened only for Betfurians…

Mr. Fury: Tell us a little about your team. How was it formed? How do you go about generating ideas for platform development?

BABY: We are an anonymous team with an average of 4-year working experience in the Crypto industry. We all came from top CEX, wallet, infrastructures, etc. The idea generating process really depends on the market, and the market will tell the best story and choose the most wanted features itself. So when we see a demand, we make it happen.

Mr. Fury: How do you choose projects for cooperation? What do you pay attention to first of all?

BABY: We pay attention to security first - It’s always the basis of the project. Recently we also paid extra attention in GameFi, Web 3, and infrastructures, so the actual use case means a lot to us. 

Mr. Fury: You have a very funny mascot. Why did you choose Baby?

BABY: We are all babies in the crypto industry and we need to grow together. But a baby is also the future of everything, the youngest you are, the largest potential you have. The name BabySwap came from our initial reflections and vision. 

We believed that Defi ought to be the finance service that is easy for everyone to participate in, for both individual and professional users. While now the situation is, your capital has determined how profitable you are, and similarly, the capital a project can raise determines their public exposure, which in turn affects the value of the project. I have to say, this makes a threshold for DeFi. Newborn projects usually lack experience or initial capital, so we positioned BabySwap as the best DEX and asset management choice for newborn projects on BNB Chain. We aim to provide a more friendly trading experience and more supportive services. We hope to offer baby projects and baby users a more easy-to-use platform for trading, token listing, promoting, and even value growth.

So we felt that our model is very much like a baby wonderland and that’s how the theme “Baby” came. One baby can have enormous potential and strength, and this is what we initially visioned and hoped to offer. Baby helps baby, right? We grow together.

Mr. Fury: How do you see the development of the platform in the near future? What trends will be popular?

BABY: We always wanna provide a full structure, where AMM is the fundamental, NFT is the connector, and GameFi is the ultimate goal, Web 3.0 is the bonus point. So these are the main focuses we have right now, and we do believe GameFi and Web 3 has a bright future.

Mr. Fury: The Defi sphere is very competitive. What projects are examples for you to move in the right direction?

BABY: PancakeSwap is definitely the best in DEX, so it’s our model. But we also make differences in NFT and GameFi.