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New Interview – VIP experience by D3anTron

Today we have something special to treat you with! We prepared a fresh interview with D3anTron – the player that has been a member of the BetFury VIP Club from the very beginning. So let's read and take a glimpse behind the VIP curtain! 

1. What does it feel like being a "VIP"? 
It feels great to be a VIP of anything, more so with BetFury. I definitely feel like a winner all the time😎

2. How has your gaming experience changed since you joined the BetFury VIP club?
I love the VIP club, I get upfront, unlimited information about things, events, and upcoming changes. Not to mention my amazing personal manager Kate!🥰 

3. Are you satisfied with the assistance of your personal manager? 
I'm over the Moon with Kate! Her energy and excitement is contagious, and I feel although it sounds like a cliché, but there's genuine care for my wellbeing also with a balance of fun.😌Kate always gets back to me when I have any issues on the platform and often checks in regardless of how active or inactive I am, what a GEM she is 💎 

4. Are you happy with the benefits that you get as a VIP? What would you add/improve, perhaps? 
I'm very happy with the benefits, and I know the team are always improving day by day, would love to see tipping mechanism or pools shared for the personal mangers as they are best in class💪🏻