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Increase Your Favorite Crypto Value

We all want our investments in cryptocurrencies to bring maximum profit. While the cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly volatile, some ways can help you increase the value of your favorite crypto. These methods are not only based on intuition but also scientifically proven. Let's take a closer look at this topic and help you earn more crypto in the future.

The Impact of Metcalfe's Law

Metcalfe's Law was created by Robert Metcalfe, co-founder of Ethernet, and is used to evaluate the importance and impact of networks based on the number of connections between their users. The statement is fundamental for understanding network effects in communication systems such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. 

This law was first applied in the telecommunications industry but was later successfully applied to social and technology networks. The essence of the law is that the more users use a network – the higher its value and usefulness.

In the context of cryptocurrencies, Metcalfe's Law indicates that as the number of users or participants in a network increases, so does its value. It's explained by the fact that more users mean more potential for transactions and interactions in a decentralized network. It can lead to increased adoption and higher prices of the assets. According to this law, the value of a cryptocurrency increases quadratically: V = n², where V – the network's value, n – the number of users or nodes.

In the graph, we can see how the famous investment manager Timothy Peterson predicted the price of Bitcoin relative to Metcalfe's law. Many have also studied the correlation of Market Cap with the number of unique addresses used daily. All these experiments supported the scientific theory, helped predict market behavior, and also worked to increase the value of different cryptocurrencies.

How Can You Affect the Crypto Value?

Here's the good news! You can even influence the value of your assets due to the appliance of Metcalfe's law. There are a few ways you can do this:

Participation in Projects & Investing

Active participation in projects and financial support play a significant role. Purchasing tokens, Stealing them, voting, or other actions are great for the development of the ecosystem. All of this generates interest in the product, which generates an audience, and the audience – an increase in the value of the currency. This chain closes anywhere because these concepts are the basis of the crypto industry, and Metcalfe’s law moves right next to them.

Referral & Affiliate Programs

Many cryptocurrency projects offer programs allowing you to invite new users and receive rewards for their activity. BetFury offers a profitable Referral Program to get up to 15% from each winning Referral bet. Additionally, the platform has an exclusive Affiliate Program for influencers and celebrities. Help promote the token and receive up to 60% RevShare from your audience.

Promotion Among the Community

It means actively participating in the crypto community, discussing and popularizing your coin or token among like-minded people. Among the forums and communities, we can highlight RedditBitcoinTalkDiscordTelegram, and Twitter. In addition to social networks, Metaverses attract attention. These are unique worlds where you can create a character and interact with others. For example, BetFury has a popular partner – SecondLive. It’s a Metaverse where you can get together for a party, talk about crypto, and win cool rewards.

Metcalfe’s Law & BFG token

Metcalfe's Law also suggests that the size of a network affects the value of its native token. As more users use the token for transactions, investments, or other purposes, demand for the token increases, potentially causing its value to increase.

BFG – BetFury's native token with many profitable utilities. We make it a special token with strong potential. The end of Mining as the creation of the foundation of exclusivity or numerous events on the platform also positively affects the currency's popularity. By helping promote it among the community, you expand the user base worldwide. 

According to Metcalfe's law discussed it provokes an increase in value. Together with the action of the utilities and the productivity of the BetFury team, we give BFG a new lease of life. 

Therefore, Metcalfe's Law and your activity can significantly impact the value of your favorite cryptocurrency. Be active in developing projects, promote them among friends and like-minded people, and use all the capabilities of platforms such as BetFury to make money in this area!

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