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Provable Fairness on BetFury - check before the bet is made

As it’s said, honesty is the best policy. That concerns all aspects of our lives but is especially important for the gambling industry. Fairness is the main sign of the quality of a prestigious online casino. 

Online gambling has become very popular over the last few years. At the same time, the number of players and online casinos has grown. All users want to enjoy gaming in safety instead of thinking about scamming or quality control.  

Fairness is BetFury's top priority. Our Fairness system allows you to randomize every bet, and each Betfurian can see it for himself. First of all, Provable Fairness is the most important principle of a modern and fair online casino. 

Provable Fairness

Provable Fairness —  is a gambling system, used for proving an outcome (winning/losing) even before the bet is made. A player may be assured that the bet outcome is predetermined. So the bet doesn't influence the outcome.

The provable fairness process begins as soon as you place a bet. Game Providers or Online Casinos will send you a unique hash code. The code will be generated automatically and added to the end of the hash. Upon bet completion, you can decrypt the code and make sure that it matches the original one. If the decrypted code matches the original, this confirms that the outcome of your bet was fair and determined by well-known odds.

Keep in mind: the result of your bet is determined before you decide how much money you plan to bet on it. 

How are Online Slots checked for fairness?

Online slots should meet the standards of the gambling industry. Fairness and the possibility of winning are the main characteristics of any online casino, or slots. This directly affects the game and its quality. Online Slots go through a fairly rigorous selection and honesty checks. There are several main stages: 

  • Offline testing - occupies the largest part of checks and observations. Before releasing an online slot, it's tested for an error-free code, fair generation, and correct operation of the RNG.
  • After passing the internal testing, a Slot is submitted for independent audit by testing companies.
  • The last type is a manual check, where you can check the Slot against the logs of past spins or hands. Most slots offer SHA-256 checks that every player can use.

How is the random number generated? What is SHA-256?

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Online casino games are “controlled” by a random number generator (RNG). RNG determines which symbols will appear on each reel. That's why you can see a different set of symbols on each bet.
Every player should know what a seed is. Seed is a random sequence of symbols (numbers and letters). There are Random and Server seeds. 

  • Server Seed is a random sequence of 64 symbols (numbers and letters) generated by a server.
  • Random Seed is a combination of Random winning number and Server seed.

Random Lucky result is generated and mixed with random Server seed for every bet. You may see the Hash round before you make a bet. SHA-256 is the most secure hashing function, now. This function expresses the possible combinations of values that result from the given input data. Using the SHA-256 function makes it impossible to duplicate a hash because there are just too many combinations to try and process. 

How does it work on BetFury?

Let's consider how the fair system works on BetFury. The provably fair principle is based on SHA256 technology. The procedure of checking bets results allows you to verify the fairness of each bet. 
 Every round has its own hash that consists of a Random winning uniquely generated for every bet. 



Besides, the randomness of BetFury’s games is provided with a RNG certificate. 

SIQ tested our product and provided us RNG certificate. It's confirmed the fairness of the platform. As you know, the RNG certificate is awarded to a live casino that meets the basic standards of the gambling industry. Compliance with these criteria increases the credibility of the platform by Betfurians.




Every player can check the Fairness of any bet. Follow the guide:

Before placing a bet you may check the hash of the next round number in the "Fairness" pop-up. Hash is a random result, generated and mixed with random Server seed. Every round has its own hash. No one knows the result before placing a bet.

  • After that, place a bet

During the bet, the result is fixed in a special "Random Seed" field. By clicking "Fairness" you can find the current round hash (encrypted winning result) and history of completed bets with all the details.

  • Now, you can check the transaction

Click "Check". Then in the opened window paste Random Seed you've copied. The issued hash below must match that fixed on BetFury.

Besides different encryption systems (including SHA-256) and progressive RNG, the majority of licensed providers bring everything concerning bets to complete transparency.

BetFury is improving the gaming experience to make you feel safe and enjoy the game.