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Deposit & Withdrawal

BetFury has a transparent and understandable Deposit / Withdrawal system. Registration can be done with a single click by Email/pass or Google account. Users still can use web 3 API login to sign in. 
But despite this, some questions arise that should be explained.

💡 How to make a Deposit & Withdrawal?
Deposit & Withdrawal will be automatically committed If you login with TronLink, TronWallet or any other web 3 API wallet.
By using email/pass login in, BetFury generates a unique address for every user to deposit funds. Withdraw will be implemented to any external wallet which you specify. Paste the wallet address and amount you want to withdraw.

💡 Is there any commission?
- Withdrawals of TRX, BTT, USDT are processed without commission for users. Commission for the deposit depends only on the user’s payment system.
- BTC withdrawals require some commission, which depends on transaction speed:
"Slow" withdrawal allows to pay less commission - 0.000005 BTC
Selecting "Slow" you have to wait until 50 transactions are gathered and then the transaction will be sent.
"Fast" transactions are sent instantly and the commission is 0.00005 BTC

💡 Want to check previous transactions?
Follow this way: User Account -> Transaction History
Find here all info about your Deposits, Withdrawals and other transactions

💡 What are min/max Withdrawals and Deposits ?
There is no limitation on min/max Withdrawals and Deposits.

💡 Withdrawal is pending? What's happened?
It’s mostly connected with BTC transactions, which are significantly slower than Tron ones. Users can choose the speed of BTC withdrawals which influences the commission.
Selecting Fast the transaction is sent instantly
Selecting Slow you have to wait until 50 transactions are gathered and then the transaction will be sent.
❕If there are not 50 transactions at all, it will be sent in 24 hours

Big Wins Withdrawal can take a bit more time than usual. It's done to ensure the сybersecurity. Moreover, it requires manual verification. 
Approximate time of Big Wins accrual:
In-house games - about 24h
⏳Slots/Table games & Live casino - about 72h
If you have a delay, don't worry! We'll make a little checkup and your reward will fly to your wallet.
All rewards got in our games will definitely be credited on your balance!

💡 Want to transfer coins to the exchange?
Withdrawal of Tron currencies has some crucial aspects:
1) If you use Tron wallet to log in, the withdrawal is automatic and it goes as follows:
User account -> Tron wallet -> Crypto exchange or other platforms
2) By login with email/pass Withdrawals pass through our Smart Contract and therefore third parties can't identify these transactions.

⚠️ Be attentive! Try not to send Tron currencies directly from the platform to the exchange or other platforms.
It may cause identification problems of these transactions (although the transactions are confirmed)

Better follow this way:
- Withdraw crypto from your User account ➡️ to your Tron Wallet 
- Send funds to Crypto exchange or other platforms
In any case your Withdrawals and Deposits are in safe hands! If you still have unanswered questions you may always ask our Supports to help you.

Find them:
in Live Chat on the platform (lower right corner)
@riozx, @Xxracer, @sternenwolf, @gugajuca, @mitch_live
In Telegram Chat
Jenifer_Betf ury, Jessica_Betfury, Lara_Betfury, Emily_Betfury, Viki_Betfury

Video Guide on Youtube for all Betfurians on how to make a deposit and exchange.