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What Is CS:GO?

The immortal videogame, which began as a simple game mod for Half-Life, became one of the most popular Esports with millions of fans and thousands of tournaments!


Two teams with 5 players each start the game with a draft process - they choose the maps they will play, and their opponents do the same. When maps are chosen, the game starts.
The game consists of two halves with 15 rounds in each. To win in the CS:GO game, you need to win 16 rounds in total. If the second half ends with a total score of 15:15, the overtime starts and lasts until someone wins 4 rounds.


There are two sides on each map - Attack and Defence. You start the first half at one of them, and in the second half, you change the side.
The attack needs to plant a bomb and let it blow, and the defense needs to protect the base from attackers or defuse the bomb (in a case when it is planted). Also, you may win a round for both sides if your team eliminates the opponent's team.


CS:GO is very demanding of your reaction, tactic skills, and of course, accuracy! It is a great pleasure to learn your favorite map and know how to "feel" the weapon type you like the most.
Of course, CS:GO would never be so popular without one thing that has kept it alive for more than 20 years, and it is Esports!


Of course, some gamers playing CS:GO very well may start a real Esports career and earn a lot of money by winning tournaments with huge prize pools.
All the CS:GO pro players dream of one thing - to win the world championship, which is calling Major. This year Major will be in Stockholm at the end of October. Don't miss it because it will be the first huge Esports Tournament with fans supporting their favorites in the stadium!

You don't have to wait until the Major starts. Right now, you can watch ESL Playoffs, and Blast Tournament will start soon!