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How to buy and change crypto?

The BetFury team always cares about the comfort of playing on the platform. And the main thing you need to play is cryptocurrency. Currently, you can play with TRX, BFG token, USDT, BTT, and BTC on BetFury. And the biggest question is in which way to buy cryptocurrencies.

Today this procedure becomes even more simple by associating Changelly. Now you can buy cryptocurrency by using the widget. You even don’t need to leave the platform. Everything is at your fingertips.

Important details:

Before starting the process, please make sure you have your ID (Passport/Driving license/ID) available in front of you/scanned to your device.

If it’s your first transaction you will be asked to upload front/back sides of the doc.

You can use such currencies as USD, EUR, GBP for buying TRX, BTC, BTT

Visa/Mastercard are acceptable

Follow these simple steps:

1. Press the “Deposit” button in the header and choose “Buy Crypto”.


2. In the opened widget enter the amount of money you want to exchange with the needed currency. Then choose the currency you want to get. Available are TRX, BTT, BTC. Press “Swap now” to continue

3. The next step — write your TRX address and email. Press “Proceed” to continue. In the next part confirm paying — press “Pay with Visa/Mastercard”


4. After confirmation the Changelly website should be opened. Here you have to enter the amount of money you send, and choose the currency you’d like to receive. Also choose the country and press “Continue”.

5. The next step is confirmation. Press “Pay with Visa/Mastercard.

6. Choose the currencies, enter the amounts and your Wallet address. Press Continue.

7. If it’s your first crypto purchase on Changelly, you’ll be required to prove your identity. You’ll need to upload the front and back of the document you’ll choose:

- International passport

- National ID card

- Driving licence

Then you’ll be asked to verify your email and phone number.

8. Usually users need to upload a selfie. It takes between two and thirty minutes to verify your identity.

9. Within 5–30 minutes, your transaction will be complete and you will receive cryptocurrency to your wallet and transaction details to the provided email.

It’s important to notice, that we do not collect your personal data! AML/KYC run on the crypto provider’s side. They are responsible for safety of your data. Get acquainted with their Privacy and Data Retention Policy.

What about the situation, when you already have some crypto, for example TRX, but want to have BTT and vice versa? It also easy, and we want to tell you how to do it. Widget from Сhangelly will help you again.


Playing on BetFury becomes more and more convenient every day. We implement new features, which can help you to feel the full pleasure of using the platform. So, it’s time to try all advantages of the instant exchange platform, which gives users the benefits of in-wallet instant crypto exchanges.