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BFG Merging. The Unified BFG Token rises to power!

It has happened! Greet the unified and the great BFG token at BetFury! 
Merging was asked and awaited by most BetFurians. 92.5% of players voted for it and support the idea that BFG merging is the right choice for further platform growth. 
So we make a huge step forward to simplifying and global optimization for the upcoming features and strategic partnerships. BetFury upgrades the current tokenomic and makes the redesign of the BFG token system. 

BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens merge into the unified BFG token.
It makes the following changes:


BFG(BTC) subtokens are not compressed.
All staked BFG(BTC) subtokens remain for holders without any changes.

BFG(TRX) subtokens are swapped to BFG(BTC) in the ratio 4.661 → 1
100K BFG(BTC) gains $10.5 daily
100K BFG(TRX) gains $2.25 daily

The ratio: 4.661

So to keep the payout amount we compress BFG(TRX) subtokens in the ratio of 4.661 → 1
Every 100K BFG(TRX) are compressed to 20 964 BFG with saved daily payout (no losing for BFG(TRX) holders)
79 036 BFG(TRX) for every 100K BFG(TRX) will be burnt.

* The ratio is recalculated according to the total daily payouts in USD for 18.03.21


All BFG holders are given a bonus to the total BFG tokens.
Tokens are given away from the BFG staked by the team’s side

BFG(BTC) holders will have:
From every 100 000 BFG(BTC) > 102 000 BFG (+2%)
Daily Payouts (increased by 2%)

BFG(TRX) holders will have:
From every 100 000 BFG(TRX) > 20 964 BFG + 10% = 23 060,4 BFG
Daily Payouts (increased by 10%)

BFG Mining

Total mined amount remains the same as before merging. 
All the compressed tokens will be burned and ejected from the total circulation forever. As a result token value will be increased. 
Mining system becomes unified and every currency (BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT, BTT, SUN) will mine BFG token with no diversification into subtokens.

⚠️Mining price will change after every 50 000 000 BFG mined.

BFG Staking

Total staked tokens amount will be reduced to the cumulative compression amount and all the difference will be burned.
Daily Staking payouts increased  in USD equivalent.
90%-10% BetFury Staking payout system is changed to 100%.

Everyday 3% from the Staking pool in every crypto (BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT, BTT) will be paid on top of the unified BFG tokens.


Due to the merge the Auction game is updated. To win in Auction you should place bids with BFG token to win BTC. Every new Auction round starts from 10 minutes countdown. When countdown goes to the end the timer will be restarted from 5 minutes after each bet. Auction will end once the timer goes to zero. 

Distribution: 1st place - 50%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 5%, 4-10 places - will share 20% as a percentage of the amount of their bids in Action round. 10% goes to the next Auction round.