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Top 10 Big Wins of August

This month all the BetFurians have been literally sliding through the waves of everlasting luck. Have you already felt the pleasure of walking under pouring crypto rains? Our today's here definitely have! So let's take a closer look at the luckiest crypto rebels and their tremendous achievements.

Top 10

We open our August list of Big Wins with victorious bet in… Of course, it’s Dice! Not a surprise, the lion’s share of all Big Wins on BetFury take place in this terrific In-house game. Being enchanted by the lucky vibes of Dice, User183831 used the crypto magnet x19.6 and gathered 156 801 TRX ($10 790) in one Big Win. What a lucky game!  

Top 9

User526490 has joined the glorious squad of Dice champions. He placed his bet with an x9.8 multiplier a got a dive under the rays of endless luck. The award of 0.4 BTC ($15 615) goes right into the hands of our true champion. So far so good!   

Top 8

While the BFG token is already touching the sky and making its way to the moon, the bravest BetFurians can’t stop exploring the crypto universe. User946495 refueled his rocket and flew to the most distant stars in Crash. The hot rocket reached x14 multiplier and hit the Big Win of 560 000 BFG ($16 240). Applause to our brilliant astronaut!

Top 7

Look out, it’s a crypto tsunami in Dice again! Only the most skillful and fearless surfers would dare take a ride. User954154 showed his mastery and tamed the wildest waves of the 40 BNB ($19 585) Big Win with an x3.92 multiplier. Luck serves only the courageous! 


Top 6

August has brought us lovely weather and precious rains – everything we need to crop rich crypto harvest! User526490 worked hard on the Dice field and riped juicy Big Win of 802 824 BFG ($21 670) with x9.8 multiplier. So greet the best farmer of the month! 


Top 5

A huge In-house robbery has been committed! The robber has been detected in Dice. 💁🏻‍♂️Userly fired a series of 6 shots with x3.2667 multiplier and grabbed 1 522 121 BFG ($47 185). If you happen to see this crypto rebel, don’t miss the opportunity to find out his secret weapon of Big Wins.  

Top 4

It’s always a great idea to tempt your fortune in the Dice playground. One more winning series has knocked down all the BetFury community. User526490 hit 6 Big Wins in one row with x9.8 multipliers. Just imagine, gambling mastery brings our hero in total $116 900. 


Top 3

Crazy Time 
Have you ever participated in a live game show? How was that? It literally blows your mind, User320094 knows that for sure. Our lucky beggar successfully visited Crazy Time, getting a real brain and wallet explosion. Lucrative money wheel brings the Mega Win of 125 125 USDT ($125 125). Isn’t that crazy!    

Top 2

Buffalo King Megaways
Winners take everything the best! Our newly minted crypto tamer has taken 15 lucky rides in Buffalo King Megaways from Pragmatic Play. The wildest player HC69 deserves the title of Buffalo King and Mega Win of 280 BNB (~$139 500). There are no boundaries for this wild guy!

Top 1

Dice & Cryptos
Hip-hip-hooray for the new BNB lord of the In-house arena. cinha threw Dice and hit the incredible Big Win by x3.92 multiplier and got 211.38 BNB ($88 466). Did the winning row stop? Of course no! Then, the lucky combination was set in shiny Cryptos with x6 bringing our hero one more Mega Win of 360 BNB  ($150 379). What mind-blowing victories!

Eager to break into the next top list? Place winning bets in In-House games or spin your lucky Slots. Can’t help seeing you here!