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Jun 14 - Jul 15


Total prize pool

Place bets and Win more Cryptodrop points!


Don't miss your chance to earn extra points for BetFury Cryptodrop. Make bets on Euro 2024 & Copa America matches and get 30 000 Wager points for every $1 000 wager.

Tournament period

Jun 14 - Jul 15

EuroCopa Sports Tournament Prize Pool - $40 000

Take part in Sports Battles during Euro and Copa America and collect points. Participate in each battle to get the most points and win the biggest prize!

Player, Points

Sports Battles
Prize Pool - $60 000

Take part in each Sports Battle to earn crypto and points for the EuroCopa Sports Tournament.

Euro24&COPA Giveaway
Prize Pool - 50 000 Social Points


Get a chance to win 5 000 Social points for BetFury Cryptodrop! Share your bets on Euro 24 and Copa America matches on X and be among the 10 lucky winners who share the prize pool.

Euro 24 & COPA America Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion “Euro24&Copa America Games” runs from June 14, 2024, till July 15, 2024.
  2. Wager Points are accrued as part of a temporary sports quest in BetFury Cryptodrop with increased payouts. The user receives 30 000 Wager points for every $1 000 wagered in Euro 24 and Copa America matches. Only closed single bets of $10 and more with odds of 1.5 or closed combo and system bets with total odds of at least 1.5 are counted as part of this quest. Point accrual takes place as soon as at least 1 point has been collected.
  3. Sports Bets that do not meet the requirements of the Euro 24 and Copa America Quest will be counted for the permanent Sport Quest in Cryptodrop with the reward of 20 000 Wager points for every $1 000 wagered.
  4. To take part in Giveaway on social media, users need to have an account on BetFury, while all rewards will be accrued to the Cryprodrop balance.
  5. The 10 Giveaway winners will be picked up randomly and published on the official BetFury channel on “X” (former Twitter) after the validation of the account. Each winner receives 5 000 social points credited to Cryptodrop balance.
  6. BetFury users should have a Cryptodrop Bot connected to receive the Wager and Social points in the scope of the “Euro24&Copa America Games” event.
  7. EuroCopa Sports Tournament is a tournament in which users can participate by taking part in Battles included in the tournament. Players earn points in the Battles. Points obtained for winning in Battles are summed up automatically for the final Tournament.
  8. The amount of points depends on the place taken in the Battle: the higher the place - the more points. The points distribution is presented on the leaderboard of every single Battle.
  9. The announced prizes in the tournament will be paid in cryptocurrency equivalent.
  10. BetFury reserves the right to suspend, withdraw, or cancel any payouts or winnings in case of suspected abuse of bonus offers.
  11. Bots, fake, and duplicate accounts can’t participate in the event and will be removed from participation if such are detected.
  12. BetFury reserves the right to send the winnings within 72 hours after the end of the event to double-check the results.
  13. BetFury reserves the right to change the rules or suspend this promotion if it becomes necessary.
Battles & Tournaments