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What is BFG Token?

It's no wonder that we have our special coin - BFG. But what is special about it? Greet a full overview of the main raccoons' token. 

Name: BFG Token
Ticker: BFG
Chain: BSC(BEP-20)
Wallets: Binance Smart Chain
Total emission: 5 000 000 000 BFG
Smart Contract address: https://bscscan.com/address/0xbb46693ebbea1ac2070e59b4d043b47e2e095f86

BFG is the internal token on the BetFury platform launched on BSC. BFG’s unique mining solution, by placing bets, and Staking opportunity became a hallmark of the BetFury project. Once you’ve got and start holding BFG tokens on BetFury you can receive a part of the platform's profit from the Staking pool.
BFG token is certified by CertiK - the leading blockchain security company. Having great trust from users, BetFury received the official confirmation of reliability and security.

How to get BFG Tokens

BFG tokens can be mined by playing In-house games and Slots. Placing bets in any available currency on BetFury increases your BFG amount. 
Also you can buy, sell and exchange BFG on one of the TOP exchanges: Biswap, ApeSwap, CoinTiger, Hotbit, Arken Finance, MATE etc.

Mining BFG tokens

Mining is the system of obtaining BFG by placing bets in any available currency on BetFury. Playing In-house games and Slots you raise your BFG tokens amount, so the more bets you place – the bigger amount of BFG you mine. With each bet BFG tokens are automatically added to your balance. 
Total emission is 5 000 000 000 BFG. It’s the max number of BFG tokens that can be mined on the platform and will not be changed! Mining price for each currency depends on the USDT rate and rises after every 25 000 000 BFG tokens mined. (Updated after the community voting on August 4, 2022)
Changes of mining price you can track on the Staking page. The earlier you start mining the more tokens you will get.  The min bet for mining BFG is $0.01 in any currency.

BFG Progressive lock

The mining system on BetFury is followed by a Progressive Lock mechanism. It sticks to the core idea of obtaining BFG tokens by placing bets, to keep the BetFury Staking earnings opportunities and to reduce risks related to illegitimate token gaining. According to this, all the mined tokens included in locked capacity are available to be unlocked after 180 days.

Staking BFG token on BetFury brings profit

Staking is a feature, which means that you claim a daily reward from the BetFury Staking pool only for holding BFG tokens on a game account! Once you own at least 100 BFG tokens, you can receive a part of the platform's profit.
How does it work? Every 24 hours 3% of the total profit on every currency is released on the Staking pool and distributed among all the BFG holders. The more tokens you have – the greater Staking rewards! Get profit from all the platform’s funds!