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Twitch Streamer Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, BetFury breaks into Twitch with great news and ideas! 
Streaming platforms are rapidly evolving while we strive to grow our community around the world. Therefore, Mr. Fury decided that from August 1st we launch a competition among users. The winner will become the official Twitch streamer of BetFury! Moreover he will gain popularity and earn money for cooperation. 

About the competition

For a whole month, talented streamers will demonstrate skills to become the official representative of our platform on Twitch. If your eyes lit up when you heard this news, then don't miss the opportunity. You may get amazing rewards, collaborate with famous bloggers and not only!

Conditions of the 1st round:

  • Record a video presentation - up to 60 seconds long
  • Answer 1 simple question: “Why exactly should you be the BetFury's official streamer?”
  • Fill out a short Google form with links to your social networks, attach a video and photo that will be used for promotional materials
  • The application deadline is August 14

The BetFury team will select the Top 5 participants for the next round of the competition.

Conditions of the 2nd round:

  • Dates: August 17 - 29
  • Participants in the second round must hold 1 stream on the official BetFury Twitch channel
  • BetFury will give $1 000 to each finalist for the stream
  • The participant with the most views and comments will be the winner of the competition

⏳ The results of the competition will be announced on August 29

Rules for participants:

  • You must have a Twitch account with any number of streams and subscribers to participate in the 2nd round.
  • You agree to the use of your photos, videos and nickname in the promotional campaigns for this event.
  • You automatically leave the competition if the stream deadline is violated without prior informing the influencer manager.
  • The minimum stream duration is 40 minutes.
  • Participants should not make streams with other casinos during the period of the second round of the competition and after signing an agreement with BetFury.
  • Streamers of the 2nd round do not have the right to publish a link to a live broadcast on their social networks.

Rewards for 2nd round participants:

  • The contract with BetFury and the Brand Ambassador status
  • Prize for all participants of the second round:
    $500 for the trial month + up to $3 000 bonus for your streaming activity
  • Deposits for all streams
  • 16 000 BFG monthly fund for giveaways and audience bonuses
  • Promo codes for users, PR mailings and brand merch

Winner Reward:

  • The contract with BetFury and the position of the official streamer of our Twitch Channel
  • Bonus of 75 000 BFG monthly with regular reviewing depending on the results
  • A $2 000 grant to purchase the necessary broadcast equipment: microphone, lights, backdrop, etc
  • Interesting collaborations with famous bloggers
  • The opportunity to play for company money

Arm yourself with a microphone and high spirits to impress the Betfurians with your mastery of holding the audience. Become a BetFury official representative on Twitch. Go forward to new achievements!