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Cosmic Release on BetFury – New In-house Game Triple

Attention, breaking news right from the NASA headquarters! The top-tier astrophysicists from all around the globe can't take their eyes from telescope lenses because a certain supernatural phenomenon has astonished everybody. It's unbelievable, an extremely rare and unique celestial event known as a planet parade was noticed in the BetFury Galaxy. 

While the best scientists of the world are racking their brains trying to find the explanation, we are ready to shed the light on this mysterious phenomenon. It's the Grand Release of Triple – a new In-house game on BetFury that has made a buzz in the whole universe!

How to Play Triple

  • Choose 3 squares, place a bet amount, and press “Bet“
  • There are 10 different combinations of planets. Changing the game difficulty changes the winning multiplier on combinations.
  • Your reward is determined by the winning multiplier depending on which combination of planets you get.

Maximize your profit with Special Features in Triple

🪐Auto Mode – start the sequence of rounds setting preferred number of bets, stop on profit, stop on loss, max bet amount, on win, on loss, so you can chill and wait for winnings.

🪐Fast mode – try out the mode for true speed lovers and place winning bets in a flash.

🪐Animation on/off - sometimes words and pictures are needless; the result is more important.

🪐Autopick – rely on a random algorithm to choose your lucky combination instead of doing it yourself.   

🪐Live Chart – track your In-house game achievements and profit on a colorful chart. Enjoy the curves growing excessively.

Galactic Triple Battle for $3 000

Period: 72 hours
Start: 23.09.2021, 13:00 UTC
Play Triple, choose your lucky combination, and take part in the Galactic Triple Battle. Explore new planets and enter the glorious star wars combat lasting only for 3 days. So place your lucky bets in any available currency on the platform and become one of 100 bravest Jedi with the biggest profit that will share the prize pool of $3 000 in BTC. Don’t miss the chance to fight for the 1st place and get 50% of the winning reward.

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