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Everything is going to its logical end. And some of today's heroes' stories as well, unfortunately. But there is no time for crying and whining because these legends deserve a proper attitude. So, lads, we are going to dive into a brief history of these players and look at what they've achieved throughout their careers since it's the last World Cup for them!

Manuel Neuer

Every gate must be defended against the rude ball. And modern soccer knows such a great goalkeeper as Manuel Neuer. But unlike others, he decides not to stay close to the gate itself but instead go for a brawl. Extremely dangerous play style… for his opponents, of course. That is one of many reasons he is considered one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

This dude found his passion at the age of 5 and, since then, hasn't stopped even for a while. Finally, in 2004 he moved to his senior stage, and the tale began:

  • In 2010 was chosen as the number one goalkeeper for the World Cup in South Africa; during the group, stage conceded only one goal.
  • But the main and first significant achievement in his career was in 2014 - Manuel won the World Cup in Brazil and received a "Golden Glove" for being the best goalkeeper at this tournament.

Our beloved Neuer has saved 31 shots in the current season, which is already impressive. But the World Cup Qatar has yet to end, so we'll see more of his stunning performance. So, unfortunately, it's his last World Cup, but we hope he'll continue playing for his club.