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The Best Sports Movies & Anime by BetFury

These hot July evenings may feel empty. However, when all sportsmen take a vacation and almost all leagues take a break, we recommend you look at the sport itself from another perspective. In order to “fill the sports gap” we prepared our top list, which consists of 3 superb sports dramas and 3 stunning sports anime. And to make you watch them, we wrote some details below.


Every person in the world knows who Sylvester Stallone is. His "Cinderella story" is one of the most famous in modern Hollywood.

Sylvester started his career with "Rocky" - a sports drama about a young Italian boxer who became the best in the world through the thorns to the stars. The last film about Rocky was in 2006, and it was a beautiful ending of a 30 years story, but not the franchise's end.

In 2015 we saw the first film of a new boxing trilogy in the Rocky universe - "Creed", and it was even better than everybody expected. Beautiful boxing scenes, emotional drama, a fantastic soundtrack, and of course, continuing the Rockies story, but now as a coach.