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Stellar network and XLM token

Our team entered the observatory, when Mr. Fury was focusing on a dark sky through a telescope. He noticed the appearance of something amazing: "Look at the constellations, friends - stars gathered in letters: X, L and M!" We immediately understood what it means - the appearance of a new Stellar network and XLM token on BetFury!

What is Stellar network?

Stellar is an efficient decentralized network for trading and saving digital money. Besides, it is important to point out that Stellar network has low commission and fast transaction speed. In simple terms, it’s an open network that allows currencies to be moved and stored in the most pleasant way.

What about XLM token?

XLM is the native token of the Stellar blockchain. It’s like a bridge that makes trading less expensive. All of this aims to challenge existing payment providers, who often charge high fees for a similar service.

Stellar and XLM on BetFury 

You have been asking for this currency for a long time. That's why meet XLM token in the BTC Staking pool on BetFury! From now on you can play all games, mine BFG tokens and receive daily payouts! Minimal deposit is 2,5 XLM, minimal withdrawal - 5 XLM. Withdrawal fee is only 0,0001 XLM!

Deposits & Withdrawals of XLM

Destination Tag. Please, complete the required Destination Tag field while making deposits and withdrawals. This is important in order to send your crypto in the right way. Your funds may be lost if you make a transaction without a Destination Tag to the address, where the Tag is required! It is optional to use the Destination Tag if you make a transaction to your personal address. 

Get into Stellar Battle
Share $15 000 prize pool!

The stars give all Betfurians huge power to use it in our incredible Battle from Stellar! Play In-house games and fight for the fantastic prize pool! 

  • Dates: April 19 - 24
  • Winners are first 200 players from the leaderboard
  • 30% of prize pool is for the 1st place
  • All bets in XLM
  • Prizes for Betfurians will be paid out in BFG & USDT
  • Participating games - all In-house games

Hurry up and be in the list of winners!

So, Stellar is an excellent network that provides new features for users, nice security, low commission and high transaction speed. Using the new XLM token is a fantastic way to play your favorite games and test them with the new cryptocurrency. Enjoy cool events, using Stellar with its native token on BetFury and catch our positive vibe, so that your smile shines brighter than all the stars!