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New In-house game - Space Dice

Space battles with aliens continue. Mr. Fury directed a spaceship Ring to a small planet nearby to replenish resources. Having landed, we began to look for necessary materials and stumbled upon an amazing artifact. It was a huge dice, the numbers on which shimmered in different colors! The resident of the planet who ran nearby said that this is a magic cube, which gives incredible power and luck. We realized that this is exactly what we need for battles. 
Meet a new In-house game Space Dice - the sequel of the legendary Dice on BetFury, but with a cosmic style!

How to win:

  • Choose a range from 0 to 9999 and place a bet
  • If the dropped number is from the selected number range, you are the winner
  • A larger range gives bigger winning chances
  • The lower range brings greater awards
  • Min Bet - $0.00000001, Max Bet - $3 000

Space Dice settings:

  • In/Out buttons
    IN - include the digits in the selected range
    OUT - include the digits out of the selected range.
  • Min/Max buttons
    Min - minimum chance to win with the maximum payout
    Max - maximum chance to win with the minimum payout
  • +5 & -5 buttons
    +5 increase the selected range and the winning chance by 5% with less multiplier
    -5 decrease the selected range and the winning chance by 5%, the multiplier becomes higher

In addition, you may use all the In-house settings to make your game as comfortable as it can be: Fast mode, Autoplay, Hotkeys and animation on/off. You can also try Autopick - selecting the range automatically and randomly.

Hit the Space Jackpot - 0.5 BTC

💰 Mr. Fury has prepared a huge bonus - the first Jackpot Pool is 0.5 BTC! Hurry up to be the first one who wins such a cosmic Jackpot!

  • The lucky combination includes the sequence of numbers with special digits four times in a row, whatever the outcome of the bet is 1 time any 4-digit number starting with 7 - 7xxx (from 7000 to 7999), 3 times any 4-digit numbers starting with 77 - 77xx, 77xx, 77xx (from 7700 to 7799)
  • Winning streak example: 7456, 7789, 7723, 7777
  • However, the order of these numbers does not matter
  • The percent of Jackpot winning depends on the lowest bet amount

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