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How to Earn With a Referral Program?

Playing with friends is more fun, especially when you get amazing passive income. Join the most profitable two-way referral program in iGaming! Enjoy sweet rewards for you and your referral, and earn crypto together.

About the Referral Program

The Referral Program is a system that provides rewards for attracting new users to the platform. BetFury has the most profitable program. This fact is based on comparing competitors in the crypto gambling industry as of September 28. Our Referral Program is two-sided so that each participant will receive a profit. Income is determined depending on the general wager of the referral and the choice of activities: iGaming or iSports.

➡️  Invite Friends & Earn $1 500

What Will You Get by Inviting a Friend?

  • The $1 500 Reward: This bonus is credited instantly but needs a certain wager for withdrawal. Your friend can enjoy playing Slots, Original games, or Sports and unlock your reward simultaneously.
  • Up to 30% Commission: You receive a permanent reward for your friend's activity. It is calculated by the formula: Wager х House Edge х Commission. The House Edge is equal to 1%. The commission is 15% for Slots/Live, 5% for Original games, and 30% for Sports. For example, if your friend made a $1 000 wager on Sports, you’d get $3.

What Will Your Friend Get as a Referral?

  • The $200 Reward: This bonus is also credited instantly. Analogically, the reward is being gradually unlocked while your friend is having fun and making the wager.
  • Up to 50% of Shared Commission: You determine this bonus. Your friend can earn 10%, 25%, or 50% of your commission. For example, if you chose 10% and the referral made a $20 000 wager in Original games – he would get $20k х 0.01 х 0.05 х 0.1 = $1, and you'd get $9.

How to Unlock $1 500 and $200 Rewards?

  • The referral should make some platform wager to unlock these bonuses.
  • The reward you can withdraw increases step-by-step.
  • The minimum wager to unlock the Referral Bonus is $500.
  • The withdrawal will become available once the referral wager reaches only $3 000.
  • The first withdrawal amount will be equal to $1.5.

How to Create a Campaign?

  • Go to the Referral Program page.
  • Click “Create a new campaign” and create a unique referral code.
  • Choose the preferred percentage of shared commission to make the offer more attractive.
  • The system will create your link and code, which you can use to invite friends.
  • If you put ✔  under the link, you will default this campaign.
  • Click “Share via socials” and see a basic referral offer message and the banner.

What if You've Old Campaigns?

All old campaigns from the previous version of the Referral Program are saved in the new version and stay active. You will receive a higher commission for old and new referrals from old campaigns. However, the old campaigns do not set up a shared commission for old and new referrals joined via them. The two-way referral bonuses are available only for the new referrals joined via old and new campaigns.

Referral Program FAQ

What do the Referral Dashboard graphs mean?
Live Charts help you monitor passive income from the Referral Program. You can select a period of time and display basic metrics such as income, number of referrals, and deposits.

Why does shared commission provide double benefits?
Referrals receive a $200 bonus and an additional percentage of the bets, just like the campaign creator. A high percentage of shared commissions attracts more people, and they play more decisively. Therefore, both sides have some profit.

➡️  Become the Referrer & Earn

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