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New Rank System – Level Up Easily

Our team always thrives to make all the users feel important and valued from the very first bet, game and winning on BetFury. We firmly believe that your gaming activity and loyalty to us should be rewarded, ensuring you're being loved and cherished all the way long here. Therefore, we have updated the Rank System allowing you to level up even faster and easier. 
⚠️All previously obtained Ranks are preserved and recalculated under the new Rank System!

Following the new Rank System, there are 20 Ranks available. All previously obtained ranks will be preserved and recalculated due to the BTC-USD rate under the new Rank System. The rank bonuses are fixed in USD and will be accumulated in BTC when you reach the next level.

Having registered your account on BetFury, you automatically get the Newcomer rank with the fixed cashback of 1%. According to the wagered amount in USD while playing on BetFury, you can upgrade your rank, multiply benefits and increase cashback up to 25%. 

The higher is your rank – the more opportunities you obtain. Achieving Gambler I (the 2nd level), you start receiving BTC bonuses for upgrading your rank. Also, and the personalization feature exclusive daily tasks become available for you. The users with the 2nd Rank and higher can enjoy communication on BetFury Native Chat sharing Big Wins, gambling secrets, and the latest crypto news. 

The number of customized privileges in the form of exclusive promotions and personal VIP Support are unlocked for players from the 13th level – High Roller III. You have an opportunity to enter the VIP Club


Show your identity in the AVATAR! Each player is an individual and we want to emphasize this. Raise your rank to get new cool avatars!


Rank Bonuses Accrual

Rank of every user was increased automatically with the new Rank system release. With a higher level you already got such great perks as the access to the chat(from the rank 2) and the personalisation feature. So now you do have more benefits than you had before. 
As for your rank bonus - you will surely receive it when you reach the next Rank. What is more - the cashback you had before will not be lowered according to our new ranking system, but throughout the ranks it will straighten up to the correct percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will be definitely useful for you to figure out the new Rank System in peculiarities.  

  1. What factors affect upgrading the Rank❓
    The only factor that affects obtaining the higher rank and additional bonuses is your gaming activity. The more you play – the faster your wager increases, so you can level up getting rich rewards and cashback.
  2. What is the personalization feature❓
    The personalization feature is available from the 2nd Rank and involves the ability for players to set an avatar and a username.
  3. Is it possible to become a BetFury VIP Club member without reaching the 13th Rank❓
    In case you haven’t reached the required rank yet, but eager to become a part of our VIP Club – not a problem. Our VIP managers regularly track users' activity and contact you as soon as there's a chance of becoming a VIP player. If a high gaming wager is detected, the team considers the possibility of making you a member of the BetFury VIP Club before achieving the necessary 13th Rank.
  4. Where to track the rank progress❓
    It is accessible to track your rank progress along with cashback percentage, and total wager by clicking on My Account taskbar.