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BetFury & AirNFTs partnership: BetFury NFT contest, AIRT token on BetFury

NFT is rushing the world. Recently, BetFury has joined an incredible project from our partner Biswap Dex. And we are glad to welcome a new amazing partner AirNFTs. We’ve even created the branded exclusive NFT collection for the AirNFTs platform in honor of our collaboration.

What is AirNFTs?

AirNFTs is an NFT marketplace, based on Binance Smart Chain, focused on user experience and efficiency using of NFTs (create, deposit and withdraw, buy, sale, mine, etc.). Any author can create, buy and sell his artwork in minutes, which allows a wide NFTs array on the platform. Transactions happen explicitly and quickly, thanks to the BSC network. AirNFTs also has its own AIRT token.

What is AIRT? 

AIRT is an internal AirNFT token built on the Binance Smart Chain. You can earn an AIRT token by selling or buying NFTs. Also, you can receive additional bonuses and rewards using a token on the AirNFTs platform. 
Now, Betfurians can use this token to have fun from their favorite pastime: playing games on BetFury. Breathe freely with AIRT!

AIRT token on BetFury

Enjoy AIRT token, because you have one more additional functionality to increase your income, now! We are pleased to inform you that the AIRT token is available on BetFury:

  • Addition of AIRT to the BetFury platform. Now,  you can deposit, withdraw and play using AIRT.
  • Mine BFG token by placing bets with AIRT in In-house games and Slots. Get staking payouts by holding BFG.
  • AIRT joins the BNB sub-pool on BetFury staking.

BetFury NFT contest - $2 500 in BFG prize pool

Everyone knows how much Betfurians love competitions, quests, and various tournaments. Especially, if there is a reward for them! And this tournament isn't an exception! BetFury NFT contest is an exciting art tournament. You can prove yourself not only as an experienced and gambling player but also as a real artist. Mr. Fury has kindly agreed to pose for you. Grab your brushes, paint, pencils, or whatever else, and go!

PART I - NFT Creators

Period: 18.11.2021 00:00 GMT – 30.11.2021 23:59 GMT

  1. We have prepared promotional materials, you can use them for creating your NFTs. It's simple: take the image of Mr. Fury and create a real masterpiece! Draw whatever your imagination can produce.
  2. List this NFT on AirNFTs.

⚠️Be sure to indicate your username on the BetFury platform in the description of the NFT
⚠️The art name must contain the “BetFury” word. 

      3. Follow BetFury and AirNFTs on Twitter and official Telegram channels.

BetFury: 📣Tg Channel  🕊️Twitter    AirNFTs:  📣Tg Channel 🕊Twitter

We will select 5 best works and reward them with $500 each in BFG.

PART II - 3 Lucky NFTs

Period: 18.11.2021 00:00 GMT – 25.11.2021 

We've created 3 gorgeous and exclusive NFTs in honor of our partnership. How do You get them? You need to take part in a Giveaway, where we will distribute our unique NFTs. Read the conditions of the Giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to BetFury and AirNFTs Twitter’s accounts.
  2. Like and Retweet our pinned post with conditions of Giveaway.

❗️Also, we will select the 15 best NFTs and put them up for voting.

At the end of the 2nd part of the competition 3 random winners, chosen by a randomizer,  will receive our branded NFTs.