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Worldwide NFT Rush on BetFury

Since the beginning of 2021, the crypto world has been invaded by NFT Fever. Everybody is talking about NFT. Unique inseparable crypto assets which price depends only on the owner's decision have shaken crypto and art societies at the same time.
Actors, scientists, musicians, sports players, and artists make priceless NFT every day!  
NFT has brought the Future in the world of crypto, in the world of art, and of course in the system of exchanges. These spheres will never be the same because today NFT is the thing that everyone wants to own.
Especially for users, the BetFury team has created several Branded NFTs. Read this article and you will know how to get the most unique prize in the history of BetFury!

What is NFT? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, but what does it mean? If you own a Dollar - it will always be a dollar. It doesn’t matter - what serial number or year was printed on it. On the other side - let’s imagine you have brought a handmade painting. It is unique and there will never be the same painting in the world. Even if you try to make a gemini of this painting - it may look the same but it will never be the same for 100%. 

Also, you can separate 1 Dollar into several parts - cents, but with art it is impossible. If you try to cut it, you will immediately destroy the value of a painting.
The same thing happens with NFT - we have a lot of cryptocurrencies but they are Fungible and not unique as compared to NFT.

What makes NFT so popular?

It all started in 2014. One artist from Tumblr (forum for artists where they can demonstrate their work) just wanted to personalize his own pictures and made them unique, because everyone could make a screenshot or download an image. So the decision came after a few days of the thinking process - blockchain.  He shared this idea with his friends and soon thousands of artists started using blockchain to take ownership of their digital art. Very soon this kind of art became valuable and the first NFT Bids appeared.  

People that buy NFT want to own unique and original personalized active without any geminis which is supported by smart contracts on the blockchain.

The first famous NFTs were images of Pepe Frog (the most famous mem character on the internet) and the collection of Crypto-Punks images (every Punk was unique). 
In the beginning, it was just for fun and demonstration of Blockchain opportunities in the world of Art and how to digitize some creative stuff.

The Hype train stopped near the NFT tokens when Crypto Kittens appeared. It was a simple game with a few mechanics: you should buy two digital kittens in the game, and they will make one new kitten for you. Every kitten is unique and some of them cost more than $100 000 (the most expensive kitten is  Dragon, its price is about $170 000). 

What are the benefits of NFT? 

After Crypto kittens people all around the world started using NFT in different directions: game development, tickets to some events, digital art-gallery and a lot of others. 
Today we can separate NFT in two directions: collectibles with valuable prices (images) and functional  tokens which give their owners some benefits. 

In the case of video games, it will be unique in-game items (like a sword or an axe) with some better characteristics, in the case of NFT events will be a ticket that allows you to visit something or watch it on the internet. 

NFTs that will blow your mind

Nyan Cat 

It’s one of the most famous memes of all time, which was transformed into NFT by its creator in 2021. Christoffer Torres sold his NFT meme-masterpiece for $580 000! And there is no surprise in that art is temporary and NFT memes are eternal. 
What is your high score in Nyan Cat? Write in comments :) 

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