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September Monthly Report

The first month of autumn was coming to an end, the trees had already turned yellow on the street. Mr. Fury went out into the yard to pick up a newspaper with a monthly report. This time he did not write everything by hand and let us deal with this issue. Fury will certainly share with you the first copy of the September Monthly Report. So let's read about everything on BetFury!

Monthly Platform Metrics

New users -  34 223
Total active users daily -  1 250

Staking and Token Metrics

BetFury Staking Pool consists of 5 main currencies. All new tokens are attached to them, depending on the main tokens protocol. Once a month the Staking pool is refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins remains for payouts of winnings. The last replenishment was on September 6:

💰BTC Pool - 2.777 BTC ($54 743) from LTC sub-pools
💰BNB Pool - 194.5 BNB ($53 285) from CAKE sub-poo
💰USDT Pool - 86 906 USDT from BUSD sub-pool


BFG Burning

What’s about stability of BFG, healthy tokenomics, and further ecosystem growth? Of course, the BetFury team made another monthly BFG Burning in September. The total amount of burned tokens from the 34th burning session is 6 311 320 BFG.

BetFury Events

Tournaments & Competitions