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September Monthly Report

What a fantastic season has come! Drizzly rains and piercing wind make us pull out elegant umbrellas and warm up with a pumpkin spice latte. But, don't try even to deny, this atmosphere is just adorable! We find our way out to golden October, enjoying the autumn foliage rustled under the feet and bundling up with warm memories made in September. So take your softest blanket and a cup of hot cocoa to recollect all the pleasant moments during the passing month!

Monthly Platform Metrics

  • Total bets per month – 272 765 511
  • New users – 42 137
  • Total active users daily – ~1500

Staking and Token Metrics


The Staking Pool consists of 5 main currencies. All new tokens are attached to them, depending on the main tokens protocol. This month, XRP was attached to the BTC Staking Pool, BANANA and C98 – to the BNB Staking Pool. Once a month the Staking pool is refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins remains for payouts of winnings.

Last replenishment was on 07.09.2021:
πŸ’°BTC Pool – 2.589 BTC ($133 882) from LTC & DOGE & BCH sub-pools
πŸ’°ETH Pool – 61.8 ETH ($243 399) from LINK & CHZ & OMG & REEF & UNI & BAT sub-pools
πŸ’°BNB Pool – 636.5 BNB ($316 935) from CAKE & BSW & ZIL sub-pools
πŸ’°TRX Pool – 802 090 TRX ($82 294) from BTT sub-pool
πŸ’°USDT Pool – 213 568 USDT from BUSD & USDC sub-pools

Mining Price

BFG Burning

To ensure the stability of BFG, healthy tokenomics, and further ecosystem growth, the BetFury team made monthly BFG Burning in September. The total amount of burned tokens from the 22nd burning session is 17 353 570 BFG.

BetFury Hot Releases

Ripple Network & XRP joined BetFury

BetFury firmly goes on expanding multicurrency borders to the moon! We announced the astronomical integration with the Ripple Network and joining XRP token the BetFury platform. Ripple is a blockchain-based digital payment network and protocol with its own cryptocurrency, XRP. Read more here


BetFury & ApeSwap Partnership 

We steadily continue the chain of game-changing events on the BetFury platform, and thecollaboration made this month brought a splash of bright colors into the drab autumn days. The historical BetFury & ApeSwap Partnership has started. BFG listing with new trading capabilities on ApeSwap, BFG staking in Banana Pool, and adding the BANANA token to the BetFury platform.

Coin98 Wallet Integration & C98 Adding to BetFury