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May Monthly Report

A light breeze is getting warmer, and spring is ending. But pleasant impressions from the events, unforgettable victories in Battles and tournaments will forever remain in your memory. That’s why Mr. Fury decided to be nostalgic and remember all the amazing activities with you. Another Monthly Report is ready - this time it's about the charming May!

Monthly Platform Metrics

New users - 56 808
Total active users daily - 1 288

Staking and Token Metrics


The Staking Pool consists of 5 main currencies. All new tokens are attached to them, depending on the main tokens protocol. Once a month the Staking pool is refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins remains for payouts of winnings. The last replenishment was on May 4:

🌱 BTC Pool - 8.116 BTC ($316 305) from LTC, DOGE, XRP, AVAX & SOL sub-pools
🌱 ETH Pool - 68.9 ETH ($197 194) from BAT & SHIB sub-pools
🌱 USDT Pool - 181 810 USDT from BUSD  & USDC sub-pools

BFG Burning

What’s about stability of BFG, healthy tokenomics, and further ecosystem growth? Of course, the BetFury team made another monthly BFG Burning in May. The total amount of burned tokens from the 30th burning session is 15 139 789 BFG.

BetFury Events

$500 000 Summer Hangout 

A warm breeze has blown from the turquoise water surface. So now it's time to warm up the season with bright entertainment and big prizes! Join the hottest Summer entertainments that already has brought to all Betfurians so much fun!
From May 24 to June 8 there’s a huge amount of amazing  events:

€120 000 BNG Birthday Tournament from Booongo 

Our team prepared a festive table, inflated a lot of balloons and poured punch for everyone. Fury took out a huge birthday cake with "BNG" letters in strawberry icing. This way we greeted our dear friend Booongo. BNG Birthday Tournament - it’s a fantastic competition with an atmosphere of celebration, cool Booongo Slots and fabulous wins!

Spinomenal  Series Tournament for $60 000

For a long time, Mr. Fury has been studying the secrets of treasure caves and pyramids, the path to which is shown only on ancient maps. He asked our dear partner Spinomenal for help and together they learned an ancient magic of gambling to find these treasures. 

There were 4 Rounds of Series Tournament: a journey to ancient Egypt, treasures that are secured by old wolf magic, a mystical treasure hidden somewhere in the jungle and final fight with majestic beasts. Prize pool was amazing - €60 000!

€30 000 SpinMania Tournament

The amazing SpinMania Tournament was held on BetFury with our dear provider Playson. Huge rewards and enthralling entertainment - all this for our most active Betfurians! Everyone could play incredible slots of crystal lands with lions and dragons, candies and bright jewels. The prize pool of €30,000 was shared by the first 100 players from the leaderboard.