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June Monthly Report

What a crazy month! Full of joy, happiness, and excitement! Undoubtedly, June has been the most emotionally saturated month with the events that literally blew the minds of all the BetFurians. Everything you had been longing so much and dreaming about so long came into existence this lovely summer period. BFG Listing on Biswap, Grand Sports Betting Release, insane updates, festive activities, and rich rewards greatly pleased all of us. So let's remind ourselves how that was!

Staking and Token Metrics


The Staking Pool consists of 6 main currencies. All new tokens are attached to them, depending on the main tokens protocol. This month DASH and BCH were attached to the BTC Staking Pool. Once a month the Staking pool is refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins remains for payouts of winnings.

Last replenishment was on 07.06.2021.
💰BTC Pool was replenished by 0.86516 BTC (~$31 654) from the LTC sub-pool
💰ETH Pool was replenished by 12.63 ETH ($35 705) from the LINK sub-pool
💰BNB Pool was replenished by 188.43 BNB ($75 560) from the CAKE sub-pool
💰USDT Pool was replenished by 65000 USDT from the BUSD sub-pool

Mining Price

BFG Burning

To ensure the stability of BFG, healthy tokenomics and further ecosystem growth, the BetFury team made monthly BFG Burning in June. The total amount of burned tokens from the 19th burning session is  17 536 798 BFG.

Right after the official BFG Listing on the Biswap exchange, we conducted the Festive Burning of BFG on BSC (BEP-20) network making huge buzz on Binance Smart Chain. All previously burned tokens are now burned on BSC in the amount of 1 346 008 069 BFG ($25 708 754).

BetFury Events

BetFury & Biswap Hot Partnership

The fateful partnership between BetFury and Biswap has become a significant step towards the official BFG listing. All the BetFurians got the opportunity to celebrate this game-changing collaboration and take the ultimate benefits of using the fast-growing decentralized exchange platform that became the first to apply a three-type referral system and the lowest transaction fees (0.1%). 

Biswap has treated BetFurians with a series of exciting events on BetFury for $350 000 in total – massive BWS Airdrop for each BFG holder, BSW Spin, Twitter Giveaway, Biswap Boost Box, Weekly Wager Battle, and Daily Profit Battles

BFG Listing on Biswap

The most long-awaited event finally came true this June and turned to be game-changing in the whole history of BetFury – BFG Listing. The BFG token became a tradable asset available on Biswap with a starting price of $0,07. All the BetFurians could share the joy of this great event and celebrate participating in the BFG Trading Competition and BFG Listing YouTube Overview

With the comprehensive instructions on how to add BFG to Metamask and detailed guide of BFG token, using BFG has never been that easy. Check them out if you haven't done it yet!

BFG Trading Competition 

With the appearance of BFG on Biswap, everybody got the opportunity to buy, sell, exchange BFG into other cryptos and get valuable rewards by joining the BFG Trading Competition. The contest for real BFG fans with the prize pool of $30 0000 consisted of 2 principal parts so that all of us could take part and make trading on Biswap even more enjoyable and profitable. 

BFG Listing YouTube Overview

One more festive activity in honor of BFG listing became a lucky chance for everybody to try out for a blogging career and get rewards. The prize pool of $2 000 has been shared for the 5 most creative users shooting an overview on the advantages and opportunities of exchanging BFG on BiswapWatch these overviews to find out useful hints on BFG trades from our users.

Spinomenal Summer Struggle

Summer Struggle from the Spinomenal provider brought BetFurians 10 days of insane combats. The prize pool of $5 000, 100 winners with the highest wager, all Spinomenal slots participating, and the endless pleasure of placing winning bets made your summer days even hotter. 

Grand Sports Betting Release

Our team never stops broadening new horizons of unbelievable opportunities for users and began this summer with Grand Sports Betting Release on BetFury setting the first destination – 16th UEFA European Championship
50 000+ Live events every month and 80+ Sports are accessible for your winning bets. Sports fans all over the world can unite on the BetFury platform to enjoy favorite games and make a sky-high profit.
All of you had a chance to become faster, stronger, and greater enjoying the driving selection of thematic games and tempting the fortune in Euro2020 Slots Battle and Sports Slots Battle.
We have already enjoyed placing bets on Euro2020 with the highest odds and witnessed 22 legendary goals. Hurry up to make you bid and support 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿England 🇨🇿Czech Republic 🇨🇭Switzerland 🇺🇦Ukraine 🇮🇹Italy 🇧🇪Belgium 🇪🇸Spain 🇩🇰Denmark that will continue their way at the ¼ round.

Follow Sports Betting on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram to stay tuned for great victories and hot news.

BetFury Updates

Progressive Lock Mechanism

Since BFG becomes a tradable asset the team decided to reforge the mining mechanism in the way of keeping the core idea of obtaining BFG tokens by placing bets, keep the BetFury Staking earnings opportunities and reduce risks related to illegitimate token gaining and eventual selling them on the open market. Refresh the key points of Progressive Lock Mechanism and start enjoying ultimate BFG mining opportunities on BetFury.

Cashback Accrual Update

Our team constantly reviews and upgrades the platform mechanics and bonus systems to keep it healthy and operational. Before releasing the BFG token to the open market, we conducted cashback system auditing. As a result, Cashback Accrual Update was presented to BetFurians. We cannot provide cashback on Live and Table games anymore because their high RTP percentage (up to 99%) resulted in a collision between return to player and cashback %. 

VIP Club

From now on every player has a chance to become a member of the BetFury VIP Club – the place where the most active users are gathered and entitled to a number of privileges and customized advantages. Read more here how to participate in the VIP program, what exclusive benefits you can obtain. We know how to make every visit on the platform even more amusing and rewarding. Follow us on Telegram to catch fresh updates from the BetFury VIP Club.


We never stop expanding the multicurrency variety thriving to give users more flexibility and convenience in playing and winning. Summer heat began on BetFury with the flaming release of DASH & BCH. Both DASH and BCH are attached to the BTC Staking Pool.

Our team decided to delist the SUN token, as it was noticed to lose the popularity for placing bets on BetFury. 
⚠️Deposits of token Sun are no longer available on BetFury.
🚨Withdrawals of the tokens from the platform are open till 07.07.21. Be careful not to lose your coins.

New Providers & Games

Over 100 Games from new providers Spadegaming and Mascot splashed out on BetFury in June. Prepare your bets, enjoy great graphics, excellent RTP and grab a chance to hit Big Wins.

The legendary In-House game Mines is back and has already gotten into the list of the most popular games of June. The rules are as simple as never, but rewards will definitely surprise you. Place your bet in any currency and choose the number of bombs. The more bombs you select – the higher is the winning ratio. So let's go to the minefield to collect all the diamonds and hit Big Wins!

Big Wins

This June has surprised us not only with heavy rains and insufferable heat but also with the unstoppable row of Big Wins with the total amount ~$655 000. A lot of BetFurians literally robbed the platform making the ecstatic number of winning bets. Take a quick overview of June Top 10 heroes and their tremendous achievements to start making your winning bets!


Top 7 Games of the Month

This June, all of us have greatly enjoyed warm summer evenings and pouring rains of luck, insatiably playing favorite games. We selected Slots and In-House games according to the wagered amount of bets in June, so meet Top 7 Games of the passing month and find out which ones have turned to be the most popular and profitable. 



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Planned Updates

  • New native Chat
  • Referral system update
  • New Providers
  • New Games
  • New currencies