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April Monthly Report

30 days of insane updates have come to the end and it is the perfect moment to sum up the most productive April in the History of BetFury. New Currencies, the first BetFury’s NFT, Championship from one of the best providers, social networks events and many other awesome things! 
Let us remind you about the way we have passed together in the April of 2021.  

Staking And Tokens Metrics


April was full of New Currencies! ENJ, CHZ, LINK, and many other new currencies on different protocols have been added to the Staking Pool of BetFury. 
But pay attention - Daily Payouts are including only 6 main currencies. All new tokens will be attached to them. Depending on the main tokens protocol, they replenish the Staking pool respectively. Once a month the Staking pool will be refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins will remain for payouts of winnings. 



Tokens Burning

BetFury Events 

Altcoins Spring

More than 30 new currencies on BetFury! Top ERC-20 tokens, BSC, DeFi & BEP-20 coins have already joined the platform. 
During Altcoins Spring users of BetFury had a lot of awesome activities - Daily and Weekly Altcoins Battles with new currencies, Deposit Boxes with new currencies and of course the Altcoins Spin!  
Gambling on BetFury is becoming more comfortable with every new day. Make a deposit in your favorite currency and enjoy the rewards with a lot of bonuses.  

NFT Slots Fights 

BetFury has joined the global NFT Rush! Branded NFT tokens appear every week as the main prize for Battles. New thematic Fight every week with the best Slots in it: Movie, Magic and Lucky Slots! 
Take part in Daily NFT Slot Fight for $777 and Weekly NFT Slots Fight with the $4 000 prize pool and a unique special NFT token for the first place! 
Also, we are happy to inform you that the winner of the first BetFury NFT has bid his prize on the auction! NFT tokens are becoming more valuable, so don’t miss your chance to lose a unique reward from BetFury! 

Spinomenal Championship

3 Weeks, 9 Slots and €60 000 prize pool. Insane Slots Marathon from one of the best providers has shaken BetFurians! Pursuit of profit was really hard but BetFurians got prize places from all gamblers all around the world! 
BetFury is a factory of pro gamblers and everyone in the world of gambling knows that! 

BetFury Updates 

New Games

5 Chefs of the Gambling World  have joined BetFury with ~100 new tasty Slots!
☄️Green Jade

Country Restrictions

Regarding the obtaining of Curacao Gaming Licence. From the 1st of May 2021 the access to the BetFury site will be restricted for the next countries:
🇦🇴Angora 🇧🇳Brunei 🇦🇼Aruba 🇹🇩Chad 🇧🇭Bahrain 🇮🇶Iraq
🇧🇹Bhutan 🇯🇴Jordan 🇱🇧Lebanon 🇰🇼Kuwait 🇵🇸Palestine 🇴🇲Oman
🇧🇼Botswana 🇶🇦Qatar 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia 🇦🇪United Arab Emirates
🇸🇾Syrian Arab Republic 🇨🇩Republic of the Congo 🇺🇸United States
If you use VPN of these countries, please Turn it OFF for using the platform. All Users Accounts and mined BFG tokens will be saved. Have a Safe Play and get Big Wins!


About $330 000 Big Wins. Concentration of Luck on BetFury is higher than concentration of water in the Ocean! Every day, one by one we saw those insane Big Wins in all kinds of Games. You have to know the Bravest BetFurians and the most profitable games of April. 
A piece of luck is already here.


Top 7 Games of the Month

The most popular games of the last 30 days. BetFurians have played all of them a thousand times every day. Every game from this top is unique. Play them all and discover new horizonts of gambling. 
Features, Jackpots, low min. bets, design, Big Wins - what is important for you? 


Social Networks Activities

900 TRX Gaming Challenges

3 awesome game Challenges appracted brave players. 300 TRX prize pool in each of the next social networks: TikTok; Discord and Instagram
Subscribe to all BetFury’s social networks and stay tuned to participate in the next events! 

Discord Invitational Fest and Discord Achievements

Discord Invitational Fest 2 was only a question of time because our Discord users liked it so much. So if you want to participate you still have a little bit of time. Invite your friends to our server and share the prizes! 
BetFury Discord Achievements has become a regular event! Every month all Discord users can get special achievements and money prizes for them. Join our Discord server and prove that you are masters of gambling!

Fury Luck Giveaway

3 days in April were full of memes and jokes from our community. Because it was a “Fury Luck Giveaway Event” with 600 TRX prize pool! 
12 best memes creators have shared the prize pool and rewarded us with some awesome pictures. Just look at some of them. 


May will satisfy all your secret desires. So stay tuned and don’t miss one of the greatest months in the history of BetFury. Great things are coming… 

 Planned Updates

  • New Games
  • New NFT
  • New Providers
  • Something about sport:)
  • New Huge Event