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Frequently Asked Questions of March

Every day we work to make your gaming experience more comfortable.
We’ve collected the most common questions that you have asked our Support Angels or discussed in chat in March. So let’s make everything clear!

1) What Currencies can I deposit?

Currently, there are most popular cryptocurrencies on BetFury:
Pay attention to the network protocols they are using while making a deposit or withdrawing funds. In case if you transfer the wrong coin or wrong protocol you will lose your crypto, so be attentive!   
Bitcoin - BTC Blockchain 
Ethereum (ETH) - ERC 20
BNB  -  BEP 20 (BSC)
TRX -  TRC 20
USDT -  ERC 20 or TRC 20
BTT -  TRC 20
SUN - TRC 20

In the nearest future, we will add more currencies to give you more opportunities for gaming!

 2) Can I play from my country without VPN?

There are no country restrictions on BetFury. You can play all our In-House Games from all around the world,  but there may be country restrictions of Slots Providers.

3) Staking Pool - how does it work?

The place which keeps all the profit of BetFury is the Staking Pool.
Every time you withdraw your winnings - it will come from the Staking pool.
Every time you claim daily payouts for holding BFG - it will come from Staking Pool.

Staking Pool is a public platform's net profit pool in 6 currencies (BTC; TRX; USDT; BTT; ETH; BNB).
Currently, the Staking Pool of BetFury is more than $3 500 000!

 By placing bets in all currencies, users get BFG tokens. Then every 24 hours the Staking pool releases 3%  of the total profit of the platform on every currency and share it among all users who hold BFG tokens

4) How can I log in on BetFury?   

Now there are 5 ways to Log In BetFury:

Email/Pass: The most common way to register everywhere! Use Email to login and the only thing you should keep in mind is your password that you need to keep in secret (for your own safety).
Also, we highly recommend you setting up the 2-factor authentication(2FA). It is the best way to secure your email and data.

MetaMask Authorization: Metamask login gives the most comfortable user experience. Web browser extension or mobile app - choose anything you like. That’s why more than 1 000 000 users all around the world use it.

Tron Wallet:  If you log in with TronLink, TronWallet, or any other web 3 API wallet - Deposit & Withdrawal will be automatically committed.

Binance Chain Wallet:  With the Binance Chain browser extension you can log in to the platform as well as with MetaMask to send and receive funds on Binance Smart Chain.

Gmail: The last, but not the least is authorization with the most popular (and one of the safest) email systems.

 5) What is happening to BFG?