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Read these pieces of advice to win the Jackpot

Jackpots can be hit in such In-house games: Dice, Circle, Hi-Lo, Plinko.
Each game has special rules for it, which makes playing thrilling.

Follow these pieces of advice to win the Jackpot:

πŸ‹ All Jackpots are paid out in BTC irrespective of which currency you used to play.

πŸ‹ Percent of Jackpot winning depends on the bet amount. 
The bigger is the bet - the bigger is the % you get from the Jackpot.

πŸ‹ Amount of min bets in other currencies except Bitcoin can be changed.
It depends on the Bitcoin exchange rate on Binance.

πŸ‹ Track the min bet amount in the Jackpot section of each game.


πŸ”₯ Bet, you'll be dazed by the Biggest Jackpots on BetFury!

🎲 Dice is the record holder for the number of huge Jackpots. 
Here are the TOP 5:

1. 1 324 246TRX ~$20 923 was hit on 16.12.2019

2. 2.2195224 BTC ~$20 419 was hit on 14.06.2020

3. 844 141 TRX ~$13 337 was hit on 30.11.2019

4. 462 278 TRX ~$7 304 was hit on 11.12.2019

5. 42 0210 TRX ~$6 639 was hit on 02.12.2019


⭕️ Circle biggest Jackpot - 62 188TRX ~$982 was hit on 19.04.2020


πŸƒHi-Lo biggest Jackpot - 55 400 TRX ~$875 was hit on 11.04.2020


πŸ”΅ Plinko biggest Jackpot - 37 233 TRX ~$588 was hit on 19.11.2019


πŸ’£ Crash biggest Jackpot - 20402 TRX ~$322 was hit on 12.11.2019



Don't be afraid to risk and your Jackpot can replenish this list! 
More information about Jackpots is on the landing page.