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BetFury & iToken Wallet Friendship

Everyone celebrates the World Friendship Day on June 8. To congratulate all Betfurians on this day, we decided to make an amazing partnership with our new friend, a very popular crypto wallet - iToken. From now it supports BFG and everyone is able to store their BFG assets safely, easily pay with crypto in real life and send BFG to friends using iToken Wallet. It is perfect, isn’t it?

About iToken Crypto Wallet

iToken is the leading DeFi wallet with the Innovative Multi-Chain Support. It was formed from the Huobi Wallet. All iToken Wallet users have sole control over their own private keys and thus have full control over their assets. 

There are no third parties involved into the management of the private keys. Within the wallet management backup mnemonics, users can export private keys and manage security of their assets.


Add BFG to the iToken Wallet

You can easily add your BFG assets to the iToken Wallet. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you:

  • Download the Wallet for iOS or Android
  • Log in to iToken Wallet
  • Click “Add wallet” and choose the BSC main chain
  • Click “+” and enter “BFG” in the search line
  • Or paste this BFG Smart contract in the search bar to find it:
  • Turn on the switch to add BFG in your wallet

Track BFG on iToken Wallet

  • Click the search line and write “BFG”
  • You will see all information about our token: price, trading volume etc.
  • Add BFG to your favorite tokens by tapping on the star

Access BetFury easily through the iToken Wallet:
Click dApp -> BSC -> Game -> BetFury

Keep an eye on BFG stats, make deposits and enjoy playing on BetFury!

Learn-to-Earn event for $3 000

Answer questions about BFG and BetFury and share the $3 000 prize pool!