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I know the BetFury team... there is nothing impossible

You all know him, you all love him, and finally, our adorable community driver ₿adJ0ker is here to give BetFury his honest interview. Being well-known as a restless meme generator and ardent book lover, ₿adJ0ker became an inseparable part of the big BetFury family. So enjoy the interview and get to know our today's hero a bit closer!

What is your favorite thing about playing on the BetFury platform?

I like to try new slots. "hidden gems" and there is a lot of new slots in a weekly or daily battle. Some slot worth a try,  and worth spending a time there and chance to win something in the battle. And ofc BFG token mining.

What providers do you prefer? Why?

I like 10/10 volatility slots. So mostly I play Pragmatic. But I also like some old-school slots with high multipliers like TomHorn games :) 


Do you have friends here? Tell a funny story about friendship at Betfury.

Everyone is my friend here :) I make lots of memes from everyone.. admins, users. managers.. who know what story is the best.

Tell us more about the community driver "work"?

On a normal day, just chilling, watching streams or movies. On a"hard day" when BetFury gives us something big like a new rank system or listing. Sometimes that day is terrible. Coz most of the ppl like to ask before they read the pinned msg or any article about 
the change so sometimes is very exhausting.

Do you have any special rituals or good-luck amulets? (books don't count)

Ohh really? No, I have no such things like that. and ofc NO BOOKS!

What books do you like to read?

I hate you Foxeee... :D 




What is the biggest winning you have made during the live stream? Do you remember the game, currency, and how you felt? 

Yes, I remember. 120.000 TRX on AncientGong slot :) a years ago :D How I felt? I ask the support about the slot bug .. really. I never forget that day. I talked with Jessica (old TG admin) and I just hey.. that slot is bugged. that slot just gives me a bonus every 3rd spin. (i got 6 bonus games in a row)


Have you checked out the new opportunities recently represented on BetFury – Sports Betting, Native Chat, Farming?

What new features would you like to see on BetFury? Yes of course! but I'm not good at sports betting so, don't really bet there. Farming is not my favorite. I'm not that chill guy:D New features are already on the roadmap :) the promo codes. tip between users on the website, new providers, etc.