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Frequently Asked Questions of April

In what currencies are the Staking payouts accrued?


There are 6 main currencies on BetFury - BTC; ETH; BNB; TRX; BTT; USDT. All new tokens are attached to them. Depending on the main tokens protocol, they replenish the Staking pool respectively.

Play games with new currencies and mine BFG tokens.The mining price for each currency depends on the BTC exchange rate at Binance.
To know the latest news  about new currencies check our social networks and “News”(https://betfury.io/news) on the website. 

How to avoid Deposit issues?

Before you make a Deposit you should check the Network of currencies you are trying to deposit, if they do not match you will lose your deposit. Different currencies have different transaction times so check the average time of the currency transaction you are trying to deposit to be sure. 

When are prizes for Battle accrued? 

Prizes for battles charge on winners accounts within 24 hours since the moment when a Battle finishes
Check your place in the Battle Leaderboard to make sure the price you are pretending for. Read our Telegram Battle Channel to know the latest Battles news. Battles details,  Battles start reminders and announcements of the bonus places.

Why is the 2FA reset process so long? 

The process of 2FA reset relies upon the User. Users need to answer correctly for all of the Support’s questions and resend a special code from email. Then BetFury Supports will reset the 2FA during 24 hours. 
In case of some problems with an email code (from the User’s side) or questions answering - the process of reset may last up to 7 days to check if the account belongs to the User.

When and how is cashback accrued? 

Every user can get up to 25% of deposited coins back, which were lost in games twice a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. When the Cashback is available - you will see a notification. 

For example: Cashback for the period from Tuesday to Thursday will be charged on Thursday - it can be withdrawn before the next cashback accrual(on Tuesday). If you miss this period and do not withdraw the cashback - it will be expired. The Cashback timer in Profile shows the countdown to the next period of calculation of your Cashback.Percent of Cashback depends on Users rank. The higher is the rank - the bigger is cashback.

How to play on BetFury without making a deposit? 

Every new user on BetFury has an opportunity to play all kinds of games without making a deposit! All you need to do is to withdraw Free BTC and BNB from BetFury Free Boxes. Every 20 min free coins fill the Boxes and you can withdraw them. It is available from the first rank for everyone who has registered on BetFury.

Use the received coins to play games and get BFG tokens. Hold BFG tokens and receive staking payouts in 6 currencies! The more BFG tokens you own - the bigger daily payouts you will receive.