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Ole, Ole, Ole Fans! Greet Porto & Lazio on BetFury!

This news should stun all sports fans! PORTO and LAZIO Tokens at BetFury! Right now, fan tokens are very popular. This is a great opportunity to involve fans in the life of your favorite clubs. As for the prospects, the price of the LAZIO token increased by 2280%. Also, good results are shown by Porto. It has been successfully taken into exploitation by both the fan and the crypto community. Most Betfurians know what fan tokens are. So, what are the benefits of Porto and Lazio integration, and what is a fan token in general?  

What is a Fan Token?

Fan Token - is a cryptocurrency that allows its holders to access various fan membership privileges. For example: voting for club decisions, rewards, product design, democratization and organization of events, establishing the leadership qualities of the club, etc.

PORTO is the FC Porto fan token

It allows FC Porto fans to participate in team voting polls, club design, kits design, create digital collectibles, buy NFTs, and enjoy gamification features that are associated with fan rewards or great experiences. Also, token holders can enjoy gamification features that are associated with fan rewards or great experiences.

LAZIO is an FC Lazio fan token

Token holders receive a number of privileges when interacting with the club. Fans can vote on various issues and receive various bonuses: badges, autographs, other merchandise, and collectible NFT club, as well as the opportunity to meet with the team in person. In addition, various gamification features are available to holders.

PORTO and LAZIO on BetFury

Porto and Lazio are tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain. After integration, the tokens go to the BNB staking pool. Users are able to place bets and play all games on the platform using Porto and Lazio.

Fan Tokens Battle

Start: NOV 23; 16:00 UTC
Finish: NOV 26; 16:00 UTC
All fans and not only,  get ready! A special Fan Tokens Battle in honor of the integration of PORTO and LAZIO tokens on BetFury. It will last 3 days, with a prize pool of $3 000. 100 Betfurians will receive their rewards. Bets can be placed exclusively in PORTO and LAZIO tokens. Join the battle and feel the real atmosphere fans! Play fan Slots with fan tokens:

🏆MWA 🏆Kickoff 🏆The Cup 🏆Basketball 🏆Football Mania Deluxe

🏆Football🏆All Win FC🏆Run Chase🏆WBC Ring of Riches🏆Break Away Deluxe