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Hot Summer Release – DASH & BCH have joined BetFury!

It’s getting hot here! Summer heat begins on BetFury with the flaming release of DASH & BCH. We never stop expanding the multicurrency variety thriving to give users more flexibility and convenience in playing and winning. 

DASH – Digital Cash of the Future

As you name the boat, so shall it float. The name of cryptocurrency DASH derived from "digital" and "cash" which perfectly matches its core objective – become the leading Internet currency designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. 

Being built on top of the blockchain technology the same as Bitcoin with the total supply of 18 million coins, DASH is represented more than just a replica of it. DASH offers the solutions to slow transaction processing time and lack of privacy issues that often happen to BTC users. Improved privacy and higher transaction speed are achieved by utilizing such groundbreaking features as Masternodes, PrivateSend, and InstantSend

Today, DASH is the leading decentralized payment solution. The fact that 10% of each block mining reward goes back to Dash ensures a reliable funding basis for constant developments and improvements in the future.

BCH – Ambitious Child of “Bitcoin Jesus”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into existence in 2017 with the total emission of 21 million coins after the Bitcoin community split into two factions. One group wanted Bitcoin to remain a simple store of value. But another group favored developing Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer transaction vehicle and to increase the block size to hold more transactions. A hard fork on the Bitcoin blockchain gave birth to Bitcoin Cash. 

Roger Ver, an early BTC investor known as "Bitcoin Jesus", intriguingly told Forbes in 2019 that eventually, the cryptocurrency will surpass the market capitalization of BTC.
Important: BCH added on BetFury will support BEP-20.


It's important to mention that Staking Pool consists of 6 main currencies. Now, DASH and BCH will be attached to the BTC Staking Pool. Once a month the Staking pool will be refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins will remain for payouts of winnings.


Min bets of 0.00000001 are available for In-House games and all winnings are paid out in DASH and BCH. While playing Slots, Table, and Live games, these cryptos will be converted into USD or EUR.


By playing games with DASH and BCH players can enjoy mining BFG tokens. The mining price of each currency depends on the BTC exchange rate at Binance.