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Cryptos Fall on BetFury – New In-house Game at BetFury

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is it ringing on BetFury? It’s shiny Cryptos! The new In-house game has been launched, and you can already check it out yourself. 

Entering the game, you can see 7 rows with different combinations of 5 cryptos. Choosing your winning combination, pay attention to the bet coefficient, profit, and chance to win. 

Let's Hit Cryptos

What each combination implies

  • 1st – all cryptos are different
  • 2nd – 2 same cryptos and 3 different ones
  • 3rd – 2 pairs of same cryptos and 1 different
  • 4th – 3 same cryptos and 2 different ones
  • 5th – 1 pair of same coins and 3 coins of the same value
  • 6th – 4 same cryptos and the different one
  • 7th – 5 same cryptos

How to play Cryptos

  • Place a bet and press “Bet”. The minimal bet is 0.00000001 in any currency.
  • 5 coins will be dealt for you. The result is instant, so you don't have to wait long.
  • Winning depends on the combination of coins you get.
    The luckiest one is 5 of a kind.

Get ultimate profit with special features

⚡️Auto Mode – start the sequence of rounds setting preferred number of bets, stop on profit, stop on loss, max bet amount, on win, on loss, so you can chill and wait for winnings.

⚡️Fast mode – try out the mode for true speed lovers and place winning bets in a flash.

⚡️Animation on/off - sometimes words and pictures are needless, the result is what is more important.

Special Symbol BSW in Cryptos 

Biswap Sponsorship

Cryptos is an enormous point of pride for the BetFury team. It was specially created and designed to make a big splash in the crypto world. For 1 month you can enjoy Cryptos with the special BSW symbol inside. Biswap -  the first DEX on BSC network with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in DeFi space! Being our partners,  Biswap kindly decided to support the promotion of the new In-house game and allocated the prize pool of $3 000 to conduct the Cryptos BSW Battle. 

Cryptos BSW Battle for $3 000

Period: 10.08.21 - 13.08.21
Start at 12:00 UTC
Play Cryptos, choose your lucky combination and take part in Cryptos BSW Battle sponsored by the Biswap DEX. Enter the combat lasting only for 3 days, place bets in BSW only, and become one of 100 lucky BetFurians with the biggest profit that will share the prize pool of $3 000 in BTC. Don’t miss the chance to fight for the 1st place and get 50% of the winning reward.

❗️Note: Place bet only in BSW to participate in Cryptos BSW Battle.

Cryptos Prime Battle for $5 000