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Betfurians – Who are we?

BetFury has become home to all crypto enthusiasts and passionate players across the globe. The number of our users is rapidly growing with every single second and now almost reaches 1 million! Wow, isn't it fantastic? 

Thousands of brilliant words can't express how much we love and cherish you being a part of our big community and making this gaming journey unforgettable together with BetFury. So we decided to conduct the global questionnaire among our users to discover more about you and get even closer with each other. Let's read the results and find out if it's possible to identify a typical Betfurian or we are all united by our differences and uniqueness.

Who are Betfurians?

We are all used to calling each other by nicknames and recognizing by avatars. So much in common: jokes, crypto insights, favorite games, secrets of luck, and the most important – desire to win. However, we hardly ever can imagine what our counterparts are like in real life. So here are strokes to the portrait of such a mysterious Betfurian. 

Most of our users are men, aged 30 to 40 with a total annual income of $60k-120k per year. The list of hobbies includes games, sports, crypto, traveling, movies, photography, music, and books. Quite creative, isn’t it? No wonder why you came to BetFury, here can be found activities and events suiting any taste.  

Professional variety of players impresses but the majority belong to:

  • middle management
  • crypto trading and investing sphere
  • IT development
  • currently unemployed
  • entrepreneurs
  • workers (drivers, farmers, plumbers, monument installers)

What brings people to BetFury?

The array of advantages that users can get here seems to be never-ending. But how you found out about this gambling paradise is the question that interested us the most. According to the recorded answers, social media(Telegram, Twitter, Instagram), the referral program, and recommendations of friends or relatives turned out to be the primary source of new users. It shows one more time that BetFury is a reliable and trustworthy iGaming platform so that many players bring their friends without hesitation to have fun together.

Top-choice BetFury Audience Award

And now let’s talk about your preferences and what things you cherish the most on BetFury. As our poll shows, the majority of the users enjoy Staking payouts by holding BFG. Only 13.88% of Betfurians hold no BFG.

Speaking about favorite games, In-house games became the absolute leader as 56.4% of asked respondents voted in a such way.

Reading the answers about most played games, we can find such BetFury hits as Limbo, Plinko, Circle, Black Jack, Fruit Party, Lucky Cat, Aztec Coins. However, Dice remains the most favorite one.

You can observe that the BetFury team is permanently releasing new top providers in the gambling industry. There are three winners in our chart – Netent, Spinomenal, and Pragmatic Play

The last but not the least – beloved features by all the Betfurians. Our uniquely-designed features like Free Boxes and Staking pool with multicurrency payouts are sincerely appreciated by the users. Also, games and a friendly community are strong reasons to join us.  

Favorite features - Staking payouts (67%), Games (47%), Friendly community (33%), Free boxes (36%)

What are your expectations?

It’s not a secret that the voice of the community is always a game-changing factor when we come up with important decisions. You are our main motivators, making us work hard and get better. So we asked what new things the users would like to see on BetFury. We have picked the most interesting suggestions and are already eager to get to work:)

  • New in-house games
  • More bonuses variety
  • More free boxes
  • BFG on slots and sport
  • Payouts showed in USD
  • More currencies
  • Converting all other coins to BFG inside the website
  • More promos for non-Highroller users
  • Vault transfer feature to dice.
  • More spin games such as Olympic Spin

BetFury is not only about games and bets, it is a big friendly community where everybody can find help and support 24/7. Reach us via the Live Chat on the website and get an instant reply or try hanging out in Telegram Chat. It's the place to discuss and solve any issues connected to playing at BetFury. 

  • You can always find here our community managers: @Dark_Betfury, @Dimitry_Not_traceable, @badj0ker
  • The BetFury team representatives are always in touch: @Steve_Betfury, @kate_betfury, @claire_betfury

⚠️Check the admin nicknames. Be aware of users with similar names, who pretend to be admins. Admins NEVER ask for your private keys and passwords!

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