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Champions League Finals - Special Events on BetFury

The most important game in Soccer of 2022 will start in a few days. Fans worldwide are counting the minutes before the start of it!

The Champions League is at its culmination point,  don't skip it! You are welcome to participate in our new Special Event. So you can win lots of exciting prizes and have fun! Look closely at the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game, because everything tasty is related to it!

1. Hoodies Fan Fever

The requirements are simple: join our BetFury Sports Betting Twitter, post a picture of you watching the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game at the stadium or live stream, tag @BetFury_Sport, and put #BetFuryCL tag in your tweet.

Or join our Sports Telegram Channel and add the picture in the comments section below the post of the game.

BetFury's team will choose the three most creative pictures and gift $100 in BFG and 3 BetFury hoodies for each. The winnings will be given during the next 48 hours after the end of the event!

  • Prize: Hoodie + $100
  • Winners: 3
  • Special condition: photo of how you watch the CL final on Twitter or Telegram

2. Jersey Rush

Bet on the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game and receive the Liverpool or Real Madrid jersey. Consider that the minimum bet is $1 in order to participate, and it doesn't matter what multiplier you've bet. The number of winners is 10, and they will be chosen randomly. And again, the winnings will be given during the next 48 hours after the end of the event!

  • Prize: Jersey shirt of LFC or Real Madrid
  • Winners: 10
  • Min. Bet: $1

*Winner may also have, instead of the jersey, $100 in BFG.

3. CL Bets Way!

Bet on the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game, but in order to participate, the bet must be at least $1 or more and with "WON" status. The prize pool is $1000 and will be spread among 20 randomly chosen users! Like the previously mentioned rules, the winnings will be given during the next 48 hours after the end of the event.

  • Winners: 20
  • Prize: 50
  • Min. Bet: $1
  • Special condition: winning bet.

4. Sсore Prediction

As you can see in the title, in this case, you need to guess the correct score of the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game. Requirements are: go to the @BetFury_Sport Twitter and leave your prediction in the comment section of the related post. Your prediction needs to be posted before the match begins so that you can participate. Also, you can leave only one comment; otherwise, your forecast won't be valid. The prize pool of $500 in BFG will be spread among all winners within 48 hours.


  • Prize pool: $500 (will be shared)
  • WInners: Unlimited
  • Special condition: post the correct score in the comments below the tweet with the announcement of this event.

5. Guess Who?

Bet on players who will score a goal. This bet should be with the "WON" status and a minimal stake of $10 to participate. Again, your bet must be made on the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid match. Go to the Player Props on the game page and choose a bet in the Player goals (incl. overtime) section. This prize pool is $1000 in BFG, and it's going to be spread among all who won.

6. Odds Kings