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Cashback Accrual Update

BetFury team constantly reviews and upgrades platform mechanics and bonus systems to keep it healthy and operational.
Before releasing of BFG token to the open market, we conduct more in-depth system audits to protect our users. The cashback system was also audited by the team.

While conducting the Cashback system review, we considered a variety of factors:

  • Feature operational status
  • Return to player (RTP) odds and statistical data
  • Possibility of feature manipulation

As a result of the audit, we defined that due to high RTP on Live and Table games (some of them are more than 99%) we cannot provide Cashback on them anymore, because of collision between return to player and cashback % (cashback % may be higher than house edge in Live and Table).

Also, here on BetFury, we provide Web 3 API wallet sign-up (anonymous – TronLink, Metamask, Binance Chain wallets) and users have no obligation of KYC by using the platform. Those factors create a field for multi accounts playing with the feature of cashback on high odds games (Live, Table) conducting a risk for the platform, and Staking pool draining.

The team decided to cut this risk and protect BFG holders. In this case, disabling cashback on Table and Live games is a must, and we performed it with the highest priority.

A quick reminder on how Cashback calculated

Cashback is calculated from all your gaming activity (except Live, Table, and Sportsbetting) during one period according to the formula:
Cashback amount = (your deposited lost coins in one game period)*cashback%

❌ Coins from winnings, staking payouts, jackpots, referral payouts, boxes, bonuses (battle rewards, BetFury spins, manual bonuses, VIP bonuses, airdrops, events rewards) are not involved in the cashback calculation.
Table, Live games, and Sports bets are not involved in cashback calculation

Play games – increase your Cashback up to 25%

Betfury Cashback system remains the most transparent, automatical, and gaining the highest % in the industry!

Every user can get up to 25% of deposited coins back, which were lost in games twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday

When the Cashback is available – you will see a notification. If you miss this period and do not withdraw the cashback – it will be expired. 

The Cashback timer in Profile shows the countdown to the next period of accumulating your Cashback. 

Percent of Cashback depends on your Rank that upgrades according to the wagered amount while playing your favorite In-House games and Slots. The higher is the rank - the bigger is cashback.

Play, mine BFG tokens, enjoy cashback!