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Cardano network & ADA token

Almost everyone knows that there is no more innovative and successful player in the gambling industry than a Betfurian! Mr. Fury has researched the latest trends in the cryptocurrency world. And voila: Cardano blockchain platform with its independent ecosystem and ADA coin is already on the platform! What will this integration bring to Betfurian’s lives, and how will it change them?

A few words about Cardano

Cardano is a blockchain platform focused on launching smart contracts, decentralized applications, sidechains, and multiparty computing. 
 ADA is developed on a modern core with easy upgradeability in the operations with the coin. Besides the fact that Cardano technology supports Proof-of-Stake, there are several important advantages of the coin. ADA guarantees complete confidentiality and a high level of customer protection, which makes working with the coin safe. It is also worth noting the incredible growth of the coin this year, and this could not fail to attract the attention of the Betfurians!

ADA Coin on BetFury

ADA is a coin named after the first programmer Ada Lovelace. ADA tokens allow voting and betting in the Cardano ecosystem. In August of this year, the coin price rose by 125%, and in the future, it's predicted further growth and competition with Ethereum itself. Not bad, huh? Experience all the benefits of integrating ADA on BetFury.

ADA is attached to the BTC Staking pool. Once a month, the Staking pool is refilled with the accumulated funds. Some part of the coins remains for payouts of winnings.

Min bets of 0.00000001 are available for playing In-House games, and all winnings are paid out in ADA. While playing Slots, Table, and Live games, this crypto will be converted into USD or EUR. It’s amazing!

Sports Betting 
For all sports fans, attention: bids in ADA are available for Sports Betting. So place your bets, enjoy over 80 kinds of sport, support your favorite teams, and get juicy profit.


Start: December 9, 15:30 UTC
Finish: December 13, 15:30 UTC

How can you celebrate the integration of a new coin, if not a breathtaking battle? Place your bet in any currency and share the prize pool of $5 000 in ADA coins.