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Cheers to the Birthday Party Champions!

It was the greatest party! Lots of victories, pleasure, excitement, and incredible fun. Betfurians took part in the Lottery, were furiously fighting in Battles, pushed their luck spinning the birthday Wheel, and of course, mined a lot of BFG. It's time to take stock of this incredible Birthday Party!
First of all, we want to thank all Betfurians, who took part in celebrating our common holiday. In total, over 61,000 users took part in BetFury's Birthday Party.


Would you like to know how the winners were determined? Watch a video here👇

It's no secret that most Betfurians love the lottery. Users played in-house games, for which they received their prize tickets. Just look at the results:

  • 8 875 Betfurians received at least one ticket.
  • In total, 1 624 378 tickets were drawn in the lottery.
  • The record tickets holder is User526490, who has collected a colossal amount - 539 807.

Betfurians with a large number of tickets received a fantastic reward. Isn't it wonderful!? Congratulations to our lucky rrraccoon-players!

🏝Maldives Tour for 2 - User915586
Lucky Ticket - 🎟40392
The biggest ticket holder is already packing beach shorts and sunblock! Good luck in sipping cocktails and chilling in a hammock, Raccoon User915586!

🏍Bike - Gasuli
Lucky Ticket - 🎟680111
Yeah, cause he won a nice bike! Now, his hair will stand on end not only from wild wins but also from a high-speed journey by a new bike!

💻MacBook Pro - User526490
Lucky Ticket - 🎟1209231
Congratulations! You can play more conveniently and even faster, now! You became the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro. Surf the BetFury pages like waves!

📱iPhone 13 Pro Max - MasterMa85
Lucky Ticket - 🎟300537
Now the whole world will know about his victories and jackpots! Because MasterMa85 won the new iPhone 13 Pro Max in the lottery. Share your success with others!

🕹iPad Mini - okamo3
Lucky Ticket - 🎟510325
He will always be able to play his favorite games regardless of the situation. No matter where you are with the new iPad Mini! Happy game, wherever you are!

The rest of the Betfurians who took part in the Birthday Lottery have shared $12 000 in BFG. Full Table of participants look here

❗️All prizes will be accrued within 24 hours on game accounts.


Betfurians have proved to be incredible in this event. That is just the amount of spinning of the Wheel. More than 1 500 000 spins. Over 3 000 User have tried their luck on the Wheel.
But there was one among the Betfurians who has managed to hit the jackpot! This lucky User142768 won 1 000 000 BFG! Congratulations to our BFG millionaire!


During the Birthday Party, the Betfurians placed their bets as actively as possible! In this regard, there was an increase in production twice! Unbelievable! 


No matter how hard Mr. Fury tried to sneak away from our users, he didn't make it! He was caught over 4 500 times in total. But most of all Mr. Fury got from User122462 - he caught him 545 times!


Well, how can you forget about gifts in the presents wrap! BFG is one of the most wonderful birthday gifts ever! More than 77 000 Betfurians have taken their Free BFG Boxes.  And the total amount of BFG withdrawn during the Birthday period is ~ 600 000 BFG! 

The birthday is over, but Free BFG Box remains! Continue to withdraw BFG every 20 minutes.



It was really hot on the BetFury battlefields. The battles were going on days and nights! The Betfurians were furiously fighting in four battles. So, meet the bravest and most skilled warriors of the Birthday Pre-Party and Party Battles. 

  • Pre-Party Slots BSW Battle
    🥇Gieral - 2 000 BSW
  • Pre-Party Slots Battle
    🥇TronKorea - 5 000 USDT
  • Party BSW Battle 
    🥇Monato - 4 000 BSW
  • Party Slots Battle 
    🥇Frat - 28 750 USDT


What a Birthday without jokes and fun? The main goal of the contest was for users to show how they spent this year with BetFury. Here is a collection of best memes from Betfurians!